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Progressive Hearing Loss

Progressive hearing loss is a term used to describe hearing loss that gets worse over time.  As the hearing loss progresses, different solutions may be needed.  Some individuals may choose to learn sign language, but many choose to combine amplification, use of hearing devices such as hearing aids or cochlear implants, and text-based solutions such as captioning.  Depending on the individual's preferences and the nature and degree of their hearing loss, solutions associated with deafness may also be appropriate. 


A person who performs certain job-related tasks for a person with a disability to help overcome limitations resulting from the disability. Examples include a page turner for a person who has no hands, or a travel attendant to act as a sighted guide to assist a blind employee on work-related travel. WPAS may include personal care-related assistance such as helping an employee to access the restroom, eat or drink at work, or travel for business purposes.