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Bellman Audio Domino Classic with Stereo Earphones

Bellman Audio Domino Classic with Stereo Earphones

The Bellman Audio Domino Classic Personal Hearing System with Neckloop is the world's first personal hearing system that uses digital state-of-the-art sound processing and wireless broadband technology to bring out speech in difficult listening situations. Domino delivers crystal-clear speech, free from annoying background noise. It can help you hear better at home, work and school, in restaurants, in the car, while watching TV or listening to music. And since it uses the 2.4 GHz global frequency standard, you can use your Domino system anywhere in the world.

Domino Classic's unique design makes using it very easy and intuitive. You can also stream high quality audio from your TV, MP3 player or stereo system. Choose Domino Classic as your personal hearing system and discover the easy way to interact with your friends, colleagues and classmates.

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