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Neosensoryuses neuroscience to put neuroplasticity to practical use. Founded by Stanford neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman, the Silicon Valley startup has helped tens of thousands of people with their hearing needs using novel, scientifically proven solutions.


Neosensory Clarify

Clarify is the only alternative to hearing aids that can help you hear conversations clearer. The durable, discreet wristband collects the speech around you through a powerful microphone. Then, the neuroscientist-created computer inside translates the parts of speech that you are not able to hear into specific vibratory patterns on your wrist. Your brain will learn to recognize these vibrations as speech and you will be able to “hear” what is being said clearly again.

Never feel left out of the conversation again and leave your hearing aids at home with Neosensory Clarify.

Neosensory Duo for Tinnitus

Duo is the world’s most effective tinnitus relief program. It uses bimodal stimulation to teach the brain to ignore the phantom ringing in a user’s ears. Using a durable, discreet wristband that houses a microphone and four vibratory motors, coupled with a series of scientifically adjusted tones, you can significantly reduce your tinnitus in as little as two months.

The daily program can be done with headphones or through the speaker on your phone. While wearing the wristband, you can relax while listening to the tones for just 10 minutes a day. Rediscover peace with Neosensory Duo.

Sound Awareness

Sound Awareness allows Deaf people to experience the world of sound around them through their skin. Using a durable, discreet wristband with vibrating motors and a powerful microphone, Sound Awareness translates noises into specific vibratory patterns that your brain learns to recognize as the sounds they represent.

This noninvasive innovation allows you to be safer at work by alerting you to sounds like vehicles, machinery, alarms, and shouting. It can also help you at home by letting you know when the doorbell is ringing or when your child is crying. Millions of sounds await you with Neosensory Sound Awareness.

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