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For more than 50 years, Rathbun has been a leading provider of vibration damping, cushioning, energy control, and related solutions. They are a 3M Preferred Converter, as well as a premier provider of 3ME-A-R, and EMI products. We offer standard and custom adhesives, fasteners, foams, bushings, and other solutions for clients in demanding industries, including electronics, semiconductor, biotech, and med-tech.


Absorbing Foams

TUFCOTE™ sound absorbing foam materials are engineered to have numerous applications in noise reduction within a defined space, ranging from equipment cabinetry to automobile cabins.
TUFCOTE™ foams are manufactured utilizing a thin sheet casting process. This process chemically adheres the foams to a range of film facings or to absorption and barrier materials, to form combined composite products in a one-step process.
TUFCOTE™ foam products are produced in multiple forms, including rolls, sheets, or as custom die-cut parts, and they are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing (PSA). They come in thicknesses from 0.25” to 2”.

  • Self-sustaining sound reduction foams can withstand exposure to most fluids, including grease and oils
  • H-Series foam products offer additional flame retardant properties
  • E-Series foams are engineered for general OEM applications
  • Foam products can be paired with TUFCOTE™ barriers, PSA backings, and a multitude of functional facings

Barriers & Composites

Engineered to suit the physical and performance needs of just about any application, E-A-R™ manufactures a line of TUFCOTE™ sound barriers and barrier composites that come in a wide range of standard and custom-designed forms.
Utilizing a sound barrier between a source of a noise and a receiver has long been one of the most popular solutions for dealing with noises transmitted through the air.  E-A-R™’s barrier products divert and dampen airborne sound waves with their mass. The pliable barriers offer unique advantages when compared to traditionally stiff materials that possess a coincidence frequency where noise is easily transmitted.
E-A-R™’s barrier and sound absorbing materials feature TUFCOTE™ acoustical foam bound to either one or both sides of these flexible barriers. Offered in either two or three layer forms, these barrier materials exhibit outstanding noise transmission loss and sound deadening characteristics, while still remaining remarkably simple to install.

  • Pliable, effortless to cut and apply
  • Perfect for high-demand settings  
  • Wide variety of configurations available
  • Superb transmission loss performance
  • Barriers constructed from loaded vinyl or urethane, no lead utilized  

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