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Maxi-Aids has been an established special-needs provider for over two decades. In that time, we have evolved into the world’s leading provider of adaptive products, products for independent living and products designed to enhance your lifestyle simply by making your every-day tasks easier. Look to Maxi-Aids when you’re in need of any special needs item. Why? Because we listen to the people who matter the most… our customers! We base our ever-growing, ever-changing line of products on what our customers need and want. Use the “Contact Us” option at the bottom of every web page to send us your ideas and suggestions. We love hearing from you!


Alarm Clock and Vibes Bedshaker

Talk about good vibrations. You can't lose with this Access 4 Alarm clock and Vibes bedshaker. Be alerted to the telephone ringing or for wake-up by flashing light, extra loud alarm, vibration, or any combination. This easy-to-use system lets you select the volume level, choose between 12 or 24 hour clock display, operate the telephone connection option (line cord included) and guarantee battery back-up (with a 9V battery, not included). This small unit certainly packs a wallop, and it comes with a fold up/down handle for easy traveling Clock measures approximately 5 W x 8 H x 4 Deep.9 V battery back up not included. 12 VDC bedshaker jack, line cord and 9V AC adapter included. Vibes bedshaker measures approximately 3 3/4 diameter.
Product dimensions (imperial): 8 inch H x 5 inch W
Product dimensions (metric): 203.20 mm H x 127.00 mm W

1.5x Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand

1.5x Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand - Magnify reading material and other objects while keeping your hands free to hold items and work! This Full Sheet Magnifier with Folding Stand is a convenient and functional portable page magnifier visual aid that offers 1.5x magnifying power and hands-free use. It sits directly on top of your reading material, allowing you to see text or tasks clearly without having to hold the magnifier. For added visual aid convenience, it also has a built-in cord so you can hang it around your neck and more easily view items held in your hands. This full page stand magnifier for the visually impaired is great for reading books, newspapers and magazines, as well as viewing mail, including bills, checkbooks, etc. And it is a handy tool for coin and stamp collecting, needlework, jewelry repair and countless other hobbies and household tasks where you would benefit from hands-free magnification. And when you're done using it, simply fold it closed for storage or travel. It's compact and lightweight with an ultra-thin clear acrylic Fresnel lens mounted in a black plastic frame with folding legs. Easily tucks into almost any briefcase or backpack.

  • 1.5x magnification
  • Fresnel lens is lightweight and ultra-thin
  • Sturdy frame allows for hands-free use
  • Measures 10.90 in. L x 7.75 in. W x 4.25 in. H (open)
  • Folds down to 0.75 in. thick for storage/travel

10x Handheld and Stand Magnifier Combo Kit

These LED magnifiers are the finest in the industry and a must-have for anyone with reduced vision. Use the magnifiers on newsprint, books, magazines or photos for crystal clear viewing. The LED bulb provides extra light when necessary and never needs replacement. They can be comfortably used at home or tucked into purse or briefcase for on-the-go magnification. It really comes in handy for those long trips The magnifier comes in its own buttery-soft vinyl drawstring carry case and storage/gift box.

3.5x Handheld and 3x Stand Magnifier Combo Kit

These LED magnifiers are the finest in the industry and a must-have for anyone with reduced vision. Use the magnifiers on newsprint, books, magazines or photos for crystal clear viewing. The LED bulb provides extra light when necessary and never needs replacement. They can be comfortably used at home or tucked into purse or briefcase for on-the-go magnification. It really comes in handy for those long trips The magnifier comes in its own buttery-soft vinyl drawstring carry case and storage/gift box.

Adjust Writing Guide for Blind and Low Vision

Ideal for the writing needs of the Blind and Visually Impaired. Whether you want to address an envelope or label, sign your name, or for any number of writing needs where guidance may be required, the adjust writing guide is the perfect tool for the job. Use it to write in upper or lower case. Easily adjust to the desired writing width by simply sliding the right margin guide from side to side. Built-in notches along the upper track hold the margin guide firmly in place at half-inch intervals up to a width of 8-1/2. Lightweight and easy to carry with you. Black plastic frame. White plastic margin stop with metal clip/margin lock. Measures 9-3/8 x 1-1/2. Weighs 1.6 oz.

Adjustable Seam Guide-Magnetic

This magnetic sewing aid fits any machine with metal plate. Achieve straight, even seams and top stitching every time with this magnetic seam stitching guide. Makes sewing easier and saves time.

Adjustable Top Stitch and Seam Guide

Perfect seams, top stitching and quilt blocks with this sewing aid. This sewing tool offers 2 heights, 3 guide edges. This sewing accessory fits any machine with standard screw hole attachment. Nonmagnetic Great for computerized machines. Pivots to 3 positions on a single slot. Rounded end for neck lines. Holds fabric in line when stopped. Saves time. Easier sewing.

Aluminum Clipboard Letter Writer

Durable 9 X 14 clipboard features handy clip. 13-opening aluminum writing guide included. Heavy duty.

Ambutech Adj. Support Cane- 29-37-in.

Ambutech VIP Adjustable Support Canes feature an adjustable threaded bottom section and locking collar with 8-inch (20 cm) adjustment range. This Extra Length model adjusts from 29" to 37". Composite aluminum and high-impact plastic for a lightweight, easy-handling cane with superior durability. Sure-grip Santoprene rubber tip. Aluminum shaft is powder coated for a tough, scratch-resistant finish. Black cane.

The Classic Handle was designed to provide optimum balance and support for the blind and visually impaired. VIP canes are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer against breakage or malfunction for three years from date of purchase.

Amplicom Vibration Pad - Pillow Vibrator

The Amplicom PTV 100 Vibration Pad sits under your pillow or cushion and vibrates when you receive an incoming call. It's compatible with Amplicom PowerTel telephones, it's easy to use and is the ideal accessory to ensure that you never miss a call. Universal 3.5mm jack.

Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock with Temperature and Calenda

This sleek, attractive digital Apple Shaped Talking Alarm Clock is packed with features that everyone can enjoy and access. Press the Apple Stem and hear the time announced in a clear female voice. The clock features an LCD display that shows the time, date, day of the week and temperature all in one screen, with a soothing LED backlight for easy viewing when the apple stem or any button is pressed. You can also set the alarm and choose from several built-in musical chimes and SNOOZE when needed. Digits on backlit LCD display are 0.5 inches for easy reading.

Bellman Audio Domino Classic with Stereo Earphones

The Bellman Audio Domino Classic Personal Hearing System with Neckloop is the world's first personal hearing system that uses digital state-of-the-art sound processing and wireless broadband technology to bring out speech in difficult listening situations. Domino delivers crystal-clear speech, free from annoying background noise. It can help you hear better at home, work and school, in restaurants, in the car, while watching TV or listening to music. And since it uses the 2.4 GHz global frequency standard, you can use your Domino system anywhere in the world.

Domino Classic's unique design makes using it very easy and intuitive. You can also stream high quality audio from your TV, MP3 player or stereo system. Choose Domino Classic as your personal hearing system and discover the easy way to interact with your friends, colleagues and classmates.

Bellman Mino Personal Amplifier with Headphones

Mino is an all-digital personal amplifier that helps you hear better in most everyday situations. Mino delivers crystal clear sound, even in busy environments. Whether you only have trouble hearing from time to time or are already using a hearing device, it will make a big difference in your daily life.

Using the Mino is intuitive. Just place it on a table or hang it around your neck and speech will come through loud and clear - even in noisy situations. You can choose to listen with head phones, ear phones, MicroSet - or if you use hearing aids, via a neck loop. All functions are accessed with the simple press of a button and there are no complicated menus to navigate.

The Mino uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so you never need to worry about buying new batteries. It takes less than 2.5 hours to charge and lasts up to 18 hours per charge. The Mino is as small as a cell phone and weighs just 2.5 oz., so you can easily carry it in your pocket. Measures 3.875" x 1.875" x 0.875".

Big Button Caller ID Phone

Big Button Caller ID Phone has a two-way speakerphone with 40DB handset. Bold black numbers on large white buttons are easy to see! Programming this phone is a simple process-- just slide the normal/one touch switch to normal position and enter the phone number you wish to store including area code if needed. Press and hold for the memory key for 5 seconds and press the key (0-9) you wish to store that number in. Phone has a preprogrammed 911 memory key, 2 one-touch memory keys and ten 2 touch memory keys for programming your most frequently dialed telephone numbers-- will remember the last number dialed. Just press redial as many times as needed. Date and clock setting and big digit LCD display with brightness setting. This phone is hearing aid compatible, wall mountable, and perfect for those with low vision and for seniors. Phone measures 7.50"l x 6.50"w. Includes coil cord (stretches to about 52") and comes with a 58" long line cord. Powered by phone jack-- no batteries or AC adaptor required. RJ11C plug goes into any home or office phone jack. User manual included.

  • Large easy to see buttons, speakerphone, caller ID and one touch dialing
  • LCD display, dialing keypad, 911 key and memory keys
  • Flash key, redial/pause key, ringer light
  • Hook switch, slide speaker, volume switch, ringer on/off switch, one touch/normal switch
  • Hearing aid compatible and wall mountable

Big Button Phone

The e.zTouch Multi-Feature Telephone is perfect for low vision or hard-of-hearing users. Extra large dialing buttons with tactile Braille markings make dialing easier for those with low vision. Hearing aid compatibility, a receiver volume control, ringer control and a flashing visual ring indicator assists those who are hard-of-hearing. This phone also has a redial feature so you don't have to worry about remembering or locating the last number dialed. Also included is the One-Touch PHOTOmemory which allows you to store up to 3 numbers (and photos) in the one-touch memory buttons. Or, store up to ten additional numbers in its standard memory. Selectable dialing allows you to choose between touch-tone and rotary service. Calling has never been easier

  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Large buttons w/raised Braille characters
  • Flashing visual ring indicator
  • 10 number memory
  • For use with touch tone or rotary service

BoaMag Lighted Flexible 2.5x-5x Magnifier-Flashlight

The BoaMag 2.5x LED Lighted Flexible Handheld and Hands Free Magnifier/Flashlight with 5x Spot Lens is a versatile multi-purpose tool. One side has a bright LED light and 2.5x lens with 5x spot lens magnifier while the other end has 3 bright LED's for use as a flashlight. In the middle is a flexible coil that can be wrapped around just about anything. This magnifier flashlight helps sewers in installing needles, threading machines and viewing stitches and patterns. Simply wrap the magnifier flashlight around your sewing machine for easy viewing. Or use the 20-inch coil to make a freestanding magnifier and keep it on your desk for everyday use. You can also wrap the coil around your neck or any surface for hands free applications like car repairs, building in your workshop or other hobbies and crafts. Uses 3 AAA batteries (not included) or the included AC adapter.

Braille and Low Vision Monopoly

Extra large sized cards with braille and large print. The 20-in. square game board has a special overlay molded on to it so you will be able to identify all the spaces and the location of the properties.

The perimeter of each game space is labeled in braille and in large print, which allows everyone - including the blind and those with low vision - to enjoy this game.

Comes complete w/braille instructions. Includes brailled dice, brailled cards, brailled money and brailled game board

Braille Compass

This unique invention was designed in cooperation with organizations for the blind in the USA, Sweden, and Canada to help the visually impaired find directions. This braille compass is also useful for night navigation during low-light and no-light maneuvers.

Braille Plastic Bingo Boards

Braille Plastic Bingo Boards - Get back in the game with these easy to use braille Bingo cards! Now you can enjoy a fun-filled evening of Bingo with your friends and family without the hassle of vision impairment. These braille bingo boards measure 8 1/4 X 8 1/4 inches. Feature braille and black, raised numbers. Markers included.

Braille Tactile Map of USA with List of State Capitals

An 11.5" x 11" tactile map of the United States. The states are tactually outlined and the states' abbreviation is Brailled. A companion Braille legend is included.

Braille Yardstick

Metal yard-stick is embossed in inches. Excellent for carpentry and dressmaking.

Brazos 34-Inch Twisted Aromatic Cedar Derby Walking Cane

The 34-inch Brazos Derby Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane is easily one of the most resplendent canes available. Its red and purplish hues swirl beautifully down its shaft, while the Brazos signature twist, with its subtle elegance, accentuates the natural beauty of this unique walking cane.

To bolster its stability, the Derby Twisted Aromatic Cedar Walking Cane is made from three pieces of 3/8-inch, laminated aromatic cedar board. Each stick is then carefully cut to size, sanded, and sprayed with a protective clear coat lacquer. The resulting cane is lightweight, beautiful, and highly functional. (One caveat: Twisted Aromatic Cedar is not a hardwood and tends to be softer than most woods.)

Each derby handle is carefully attached to its shaft using a mortise and tenon joint. The mortise and tenon method is an unparalleled joint method known for its unusual strength; it has been used in wood working for centuries.

Cane or Crutch Holder

Spring-loaded clip attaches to 3/8-1 diameter cane shaft. Allows cane to be supported on any table or desk. Foam disk on either side creates enough friction to hold cane in place. Made of molded hard plastic.

Clear Acrylic Wheelchair Tray

Ultra-lightweight; highly functional. Fits all wheelchairs. VELCROandreg; brand fasteners for easy attachment. 23x19x1/4.

Click Pocket Money Brailler

  • Small, convenient, easy to use
  • Carry on your keychain
  • Chain included
  • Developed and manufactured by Maxi-Aids

Small, convenient, easy to use. Fits on your key chain. Simply insert edge of bill and squeeze. Marks denominations of 1, 5,10 ,20, 50 and 100 dollars in braille for easy identification. 3-1/8 x 1-1/2 Inches. Chain Included.

Color Identifier-Light Detector

Easily match clothes, accurately determine the ripeness of fruits and vegetables, and decorate your home with complementary colors!

The Colorino Color Identifier-Light Detector discerns and clearly announces up to 150 shadings - not just red, for example, but pale red, light red, dark red, as well as intense red. Plus, it also detects the presence of light and indicates intensity and proximity by audio signal. This pocket-sized 2-in-1 unit is perfect for the blind and color blind.

ColorTest Classic

The ColorTest Classic is able to detect more than 1.700 different colors. In addition to this it also offers the following functions:

- color measurement (universal and common color names)
- color analysis (luminosity-saturation-hue, red-green-blue)
- light probe function
- contrast / brightness measurement
- battery status announcement
- volume control

Computer Keyboard Labels - White Characters on Green Background

If using your computer keyboard is a problem because you have difficulties making out the characters, these keyboard stickers are the answer. Simply peel and apply these stickers to your home PC or laptop. There's 178 big, bold upper case characters that will make typing just a little bit easier. Already laid out in QWERTY format for the fastest, easiest application. White upper case characters on a green background.

Contrast HD and HD Distance Electronic Magnifiers

See reading material and pictures more clearly and easily at school, work and home! Distance camera is great for viewing school blackboards and seminar presentations.

The Contrast is a powerful magnifying camera solution that allows you to enlarge text and images anywhere from 1.7x-67x for more comfortable viewing on your PC or laptop screen (not included).

In addition to magnifying text and photos, you can choose to a black on white or white on black or contrasting color view. You also have the capability of viewing the text/images in split screen mode while you have something else displayed on the other half of your PC's screen, either horizontally or vertically.

If a distance camera is needed for a working or a school environment, an extra distance HD camera can easily be connected. (Note: The HD camera is an optional feature that must be purchased separately).

The Contrast electronic magnifier is perfect for those with diminished vision due to age-related macular degeneration and other low vision conditions.

Deluxe Backgammon Set

Completely tactual tournament sized set contained in a handsome, protective carrying case. Felt game board features raised white dividers and color contrast for those w/low vision. Tactile dice are included with game.

Deluxe Signature Guide

Great aid guides you in signing important legal documents, banking records and other paperwork in the correct place. Rubber blocks, which act as left and right start and stop points, are 4-1/8 apart. 2 parallel metal rods for top and bottom alignment are 9/16apart.

Designer Sports Vibration Watch-Flash Alert-Black

Whether you're hiking, biking or kayaking, in the heat of the game, or relaxing at the beach - you'll never miss an important alarm reminder!

A reliable vibrating alarm plus flash alert option, dual time, timer and countdown functions and rugged sports styling that will hang with you through your most vigorous activities - that's what you get with this Designer Sports Vibration Watch.

The vibration alarm is useful where discretion is required. Both the vibration and flash alerts are great for loud environments where audible alarm signals could be missed.

The watch also includes a 10-year battery, is 100-meter water resistant and has a high-brightness LED light. It's a great value for those who work hard and play harder.

Desk-Top Talking Calculator with Single Earbud

All of the incredible features of the original Desk-Top Talking calculator and a single earbud for added privacy! This full function calculator features a giant 8-digit display and a clear, easy to understand female voice. Also features repeat, memory, auto power shut-off, and adjustable volume. Audio result may be given in either units or by digit. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). 0.5-inch black numbers. 90 day warranty.

Digital Display Tape Measure

  • View measurements on LCD and tape
  • Hi-contrast yellow tape w/black numbers/marks
  • Select imperial (inches/feet) or metric
  • Measure 16-ft. (5m) w/durable 0.75 in. steel tape
  • Requires one CR2025 button cell battery (included)

Taking measurements has never been easier! The EZ-See Digital Display Tape Measure lets you view the measurements you take on the on the easy-to-read digital LCD display, as well as on the sturdy 3/4-inch hi-contrast yellow metal tape blade with black print.

Doro HearPlus Vibrating Amplified Alarm Clock

  • Loud, ascending wake up alarm
  • Adjustable tone
  • Easy to set and check
  • Attach pillow shaker for vibrating alarm
  • Attach lamp for visual flashing alarm

Dragon Naturally Speaking Headset - USB

Dragon Naturally Speaking Headset- USB - The Dragon Naturally Speaking Dictation Headset is a computer accessory that offers superior sound quality plus a premium quality noise canceling microphone for maximum speech recognition and dictation accuracy. Ideal for those with low vision or for those who just need a break from typing, this computer system headset is the ideal dictation tool. It's perfect for VoIP and speech recognition applications such as Dragon Naturally Speaking Software.

Dvorak Style Keyboard -Left Hand

This Dvorak Keyboard is especially designed for left-handed use. An alternate version to the more commonly used QWERTY keyboards; the Dvorak type of keyboard is easy to learn, provides comfort and with use, and may even increase both typing speed and accuracy. In this layout, the keys are organized so that the most commonly used keys are positioned where the hand would normally rest; less frequently used keys are further from the center of the layout, and the most infrequently used keys are the farthest away. Dvorak is much easier to learn than QWERTY, especially for new typists, although most QWERTY typists can switch to Dvorak and regain their old speed in about a month. Because of its unique layout, the Dvorak keyboard may alleviate some repetitive-stress injury (RSI) symptoms. Controls and keys are operable with one hand and the force required to activate the keys is 80 grams or less. The status of all locking or toggle controls or keys is shown with status lights (LEDs) in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard, which provide the visual notification of the status of the locking keys. Also by using Microsoft windows Accessibilities Options in Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000, this provides a sound for each of the locking functions when used. Works with the Microsoft Windows operating system, featuring left and right Windows keys and an application key.

Keyboard Features: Enhanced 104-key layout, High quality membrane switch, Three Windows keys, Keys withstand over 30 million keystrokes, 2-year warranty, Ergo Technology, and a PS2 Straight Cable.

Dvorak Style Keyboard -Right Hand

This Dvorak Keyboard is especially designed for right-handed use. An alternate version to the more commonly used QWERTY keyboards; the Dvorak type of keyboard is easy to learn, provides comfort and with use, and may even increase both typing speed and accuracy. In this layout, the keys are organized so that the most commonly used keys are positioned where the hand would normally rest; less frequently used keys are further from the center of the layout, and the most infrequently used keys are the farthest away. Dvorak is much easier to learn than QWERTY, especially for new typists, although most QWERTY typists can switch to Dvorak and regain their old speed in about a month. Because of its unique layout, the Dvorak keyboard may alleviate some repetitive-stress injury (RSI) symptoms. Controls and keys are operable with one hand and the force required to activate the keys is 80 grams or less. The status of all locking or toggle controls or keys is shown with status lights (LEDs) in the upper right hand corner of the keyboard, which provide the visual notification of the status of the locking keys. Also by using Microsoft windows Accessibilities Options in Windows 95, 98, NT4 and 2000, this provides a sound for each of the locking functions when used. Works with the Microsoft Windows operating system, featuring left and right Windows keys and an application key.

Keyboard Features: Enhanced 104-key layout, High quality membrane switch, Three Windows keys, Keys withstand over 30 million keystrokes, 2-year warranty, Ergo Technology, and a PS2 Straight Cable.

Easy-Release Fork

  • Great for people with hand weakness or arthritis
  • Perfect for buffets, parties and everyday use
  • Dishwasher safe

Releases food with one-hand. One-handed operation for selecting and serving meats, cheeses, or fruits. Perfect for buffets, parties and everyday use. Unique stainless steel design releases food from fork prongs with ease - great for people with hand weakness or arthritis. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions: 8 1/4 inches lenght x 3 1/4 inches width. Weight - 0.14

EZ Pro Sock Holders

This household accessory makes laundry time so much easier! Imagine, you will never have to worry about lost socks again! Sockpro Sock holders help keep socks together in the washer and dryer - no more sorting hassles. Put a stop to missing socks with this useful household accessory. Five colors available for easier identification; assign a different color to each person. Pack of 10 assorted colors.

  • No more missing socks
  • No more sorting and matching
  • Soft, flexible and washer/dryer safe
  • Pack of 10 assorted colors

EZ See Insulin Syringe Magnifier

Avoid dosing errors with this syringe magnifier that easily clips firmly onto all 1cc and 1/2cc insulin syringes. It magnifies the calibrations 2 to 2 1/2 times, making it easy to see exactly how much you are measuring. Made of clear, sturdy plastic, this EZ See syringe magnifier will become an invaluable tool in keeping your diabetes under control. Measures approximately 3.54 L x 1/2 wide.

First Alert Big Button Telephone with Emergency Key and Remote Pendant

Improve your home protection with the First Alert Big Button Telephone. It operates just like a regular landline telephone but it is capable of so much more. This wall mountable telephone features an SOS emergency remote pendant with a working distance of 99 feet. This means it can activate a call to 911 if you or a loved one cannot reach the phone. It also supports multiple languages and has three one-touch keys with an auto emergency dialing function. Another useful feature is the extra large, easy-to-read number buttons, which are backlit for comfortable viewing.

This speakerphone telephone with emergency keys and remote pendant makes a thoughtful gift for a single person. The First Alert Big Button Telephone keeps you connected with first responders and allows 64 additional numbers to be programmed in.

First Alert Big Button Telephone with Emergency Key and Remote Pendant:

  • 3 one-touch keys with auto emergency dialing function
  • Speakerphone telephone with emergency key and remote pendant
  • Talking CID with 30 user recordable memories
  • Message waiting and incoming call indicator (LED and icon)
  • Talking dialer keys
  • 64 caller ID memories (type II)
  • Last numbers review and redial
  • Hold with mute and extension release
  • Automatic call timer
  • Flash timer (600MS)
  • On-hook predial
  • Tone frequency control
  • Speaker/ringer volume control
  • Rotary knob on the base for headset volume control
  • 3 lines back-lit LCD display (14 digits number, 16 characters name)
  • Multiple languages support (English, French, Spanish and Italian)
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts (SOS emergency message)
  • Clock
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • Telephone mounts on wall or desktop
  • SOS emergency remote pendant with a working distance of 99 feet
  • Power: 120V AC adaptor (included)
  • Battery backup for display: 4 x AA (UM-3) (not included)
  • Pendant: 1 x LR23 12V battery

Fold-Over Low Vision Note Writing Frame

The Fold-Over Low Vision Note Writing Frame helps the blind and those with vision challenges write more easily and accurately. Just flip open the cover, place your notepaper inside and flip it closed again. The paper will be held securely in place and the openings will guide your hand to write consistently in straight lines. Cardboard guide strips in the upper right hand corner hold the notepaper in place. It's perfectly sized for A5 sized (5.8 wide x 8.3-inch long) notepaper, and will accommodate paper measuring up to approx. 6.5" wide.

The writing frame consists of a sturdy blue cardboard template and white back board, both measuring 7.09-in. x 9.45-in. The template features 12 writing spaces each measuring nearly .5" Wide x 5.25" Long. Product Weight: 3.1 oz.

Food Bumper

Keep food from sliding off your plate Snap on this sanitary polypropylene food bumper

Full Page Fold-Over Writing Guide - Black-Orange

Write a full page more easily, neatly and clearly! The perfect tool to make writing a full 8.5 x 11-inch page easier, the Full Page Fold-Over Writing Guide has a solid orange plastic sheet behind a black plastic template.

Simply place your writing paper in between the two hinged sheets and this guide will hold it in place for you as you write. You'll enjoy easier writing as the template guides you, and those who are reading your letters and notes will appreciate the neater, clearer results!

The hinged template and back sheet measure 8.5 x 11 in. The template has 13 writing spaces each measuring nearly a half inch wide by 7.5 inches long. Great for the Blind and those with low vision.

Full Page Fold-Over Writing Guide - Black-Yellow

Write a full page more easily, neatly and clearly! The perfect tool to make writing a full 8.5 x 11-inch page easier, the Full Page Fold-Over Writing Guide has a solid yellow plastic sheet behind a black plastic template.

Simply place your writing paper in between the two hinged sheets and this guide will hold it in place for you as you write. You'll enjoy easier writing as the template guides you, and those who are reading your letters and notes will appreciate the neater, clearer results!

The hinged template and back sheet measure 8.5 x 11 in. The template has 13 writing spaces each measuring nearly a half inch wide by 7.5 inches long. Great for the Blind and those with low vision.

Giant Appointment Calendar

The Giant Appointment Calendar is ideal for those with low vision. Our largest size calendar, this is a great tool for those with vision impairment. View a month at a time when the calendar is opened. Includes plenty of room for notes on each day with printed lines that make it easy to write in and track your daily meetings and appointments. Shows U.S. holidays.

Giant Print Calendar

This 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch spiral bound giant print calendar opens (11 inch x 17inch) to show the whole month of days and dates. Featuring a large print, 72 point (1-inch) numbers with room to make notes in each box, this low vision calendar also includes pages for users to write notes and track appointments.

Hands-Free Umbrella Holder

Do you ever wish you had another hand to hold that umbrella? With this handy device, you don't need it!

Now you can stay dry when you're out in the rain - or keep cool and shield your skin on hot summer days - and still leave your hands free to use binoculars at ball games, pick up your child, steer the lawn mower, hold a fishing rod, or read a book at the beach.

The Freedom Hands-Free Umbrella Holder keeps your umbrella securely at your back, out of the way of your activities, protecting you from the elements. The holder, worn over the shoulders and clipping around the waist, has a pocket at the waistline that receives the umbrella handle. A stabilizing Velcro hook & loop prevents the umbrella from turning or blowing away, and a second hook & loop at the neckline further secures it in place.

Great for everyone who spends time outdoors, the Freedom Hands-Free Umbrella Holder is especially helpful for wheelchair, cane and crutch users, the elderly, and parents of young children who always have their hands full!

HEXE Needle Threader

No more squinting or eyestrain with the HEXE Needle Threader! This low vision needle threader is the ideal way to zip right through all your sewing projects!

Identi-Buttons Clothing Identifiers

Buttons in various shapes to indicate color for identifying clothing. Comes in eight-color packages and primary range colors (black, white, red, green, yellow pink, blue and brown) and fashion range colors (grey, peach, cream, navy, mauve, turquoise, beige, and orange).

Easy to use, Just sew them on. Shape indicates color. 8 colors per pkg. 1 button of each color.


The iGlasses Ultrasonic Mobility Aid is a head-mounted device which enables more informed, confident, and efficient pedestrian travel. Objects in your path are detected by the ultrasonic sensors and communicated via gentle vibrations. As obstacles get nearer the frequency of the vibration will increase. The device is intended as a secondary mobility device to complement the traditional long cane or guide dog.

iWALK 2.0 Hands-Free Crutch

The iWALK 2.0 medical crutch uses the uninjured parts of your leg to support your weight when you stand or walk. In essence you kneel on the lower leg platform which bears most of your weight. Because of basic anatomy of the human body, you can comfortably kneel on your shin for extended periods without experiencing discomfort or fatigue.

Jitterbug Flip Cell Phone

The Jitterbug Flip cell phone was designed specifically to be a simple, affordable cell phone for seniors and others with little, or no, cell phone experience.

While other phone companies try to outsmart each other by developing fancy-schmancy bells and whistles that the typical person will never use, the Jitterbug Flip is fully focused on being easy to see, easy to hear, and easy to use. It's not overloaded with complex hi-tech that would make it unnecessarily complicated. There's no swiping, no tapping the screen, no cryptic icons, and no confusing navigation -- after all, its job is to be a phone, not an interstellar rocket ship.

The Jitterbug Flip's super-loud speakerphone and amplified speaker ensure that you can hear every word spoken by your family and friends. In addition, it even holds the highest available rating for compatibility with hearing aids (M4/T4).

Keyboard Large Print Labels - Black on White, Yellow, Green

This set of Keyboard Large Print Labels - Black on White, Yellow, and Green - Lower Case from AbleSee comes with three pages of 63 stickers for a total of 189 stickers. Includes enough stickers for any standard keyboard. Made especially for PC/IBM computer keyboards running Windows. Includes map to show where stickers go and a key for abbreviations and pictograms. Top row of numbers does not include upper case characters, so numbers can be shown as large as possible. Large, bold black on white, yellow, and green stickers are easy to apply. These stickers are colored to aid in learning how to type.

Ladies Chrome Quartz Braille Watch with Chrome Expansion Band

Ladies Classic 6 o'clock opening Chrome Quartz Braille Watch that has has 1 dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11 and 2 dots at the 3, 6, 9 and 3 dots at the 12 o'clock. Chrome Case w/Chrome Dial-Black Numbers at the 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12- Chrome Expansion Band. Battery included. Size of Dial 15/16 Diameter

Ladies Seiko Braille Watch

Chrome Quartz, Larger marker at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Leather strap Extended 2-year SEIKO warranty


Large Print Keyboard Labels for PCs- Black-White

Large Print Keyboard Labels for PCs- Black-White - Never strain your eyes again, thanks to these low vision aids. Apply these Large Print Labels on the keys of your PC or laptop computer and see letters magnified 400-percent bigger than the standard size letters. These large print labels for those with low vision are great for replacing worn letters, and an ideal tool for those with vision impairment. Easy to apply using the self-adhesive backing - just peel and stick. Contains one complete set, including functional keys, directional arrows, etc. Color: Black on White.

Large Print Keyboard Labels for PCs- Black-Yellow

Don't strain your eyes looking for the right keys again. Apply these Large Print Labels on the keys of your PC or laptop computer and see letters magnified 400-percent bigger than the standard size letters. They're great for replacing worn letters, and an ideal tool for those with low vision. Easy to apply using the self-adhesive backing - just peel and stick. Contains one complete set, including functional keys, directional arrows, etc. Color: Black on Yellow.

Large Table Top Chess Set for the Blind or Those With Low Vision Set

Large tabletop chess set comes with two slide-open drawers that neatly hold all the playing pieces. White pieces have bumps on top to differentiate against the black pieces. On the board, black spaces are slightly raised over their counterparts so players can easily recognize playing fields. All spaces have holes so the pieces won't slide around the board. This feature makes it great for traveling as well as at-home use.

Liberty Scholar 2 Portable Video Magnifier 1.5x-50x

  • Magnifies 1.5x-50x on 12-in. color TFT LCD display
  • Distance Camera: 10x optical zoom range
  • Color Modes: full-color, blk-wht, wht-blk, semi-colors
  • Lasts 5.5 hours on 3-hour fast charge (charger incl.)

The Liberty Scholar 2 has a 12-inch TFT display perfectly complimented by an integrated camera. This integrated camera is used for reading text or viewing images, and can also be used for distance viewing. It's compact, lightweight, the design takes up a minimum space on a desk or table, and, of course, it is portable. Rechargeable batteries give the user flexibility to use the system where there is no access to a power outlet.

The Liberty Scholar 2 has many uses, such as looking at a white board in a classroom setting, reading and writing, looking at photos, doing crossword puzzles and other hobbies such as caligraphy and stamp or coin collecting, watching TV, distance magnification in a conference or educational setting, and more.

- Screen: 12-in. (305 mm) color TFT LCD Display
- Magnification: 1.5x - 50x
- Distance Camera: 10x optical zoom range
- Modes: Full color, enhanced black on white and white on black; full range of semi colors
- Power: Worldwide power supply and rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Usage Time: Typically 5.5 hours continuous.
- Charge Time: 3 hours with supplied fast charger

Long-Ring Mechanical Timer

This Long-Ring Mechanical Timer features an 8-second long ring. Choose from one-minute to one-hour time settings on the easy to read dial. The accurate spring wound movement and non-skid rubber feet allow for easy one-handed operation. Stainless steel look and high-impact, sturdy plastic case. No batteries required.

- One-handed operation
- Bell rings for 8 seconds
- Easy to read dial
- Non-skid rubber feet
- Resolution: 1 minute
- Channels: 1 station
- Power Supply Wind up
- Weight 0.27 lb (125 gms)
- Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.25" x 4" (8.9 x 8.3 x 10.2 cm)
- Warranty: 1 year

Low Vision Atomic Solar Wall Clock

The unit is designed to use solar power for full operation. Integrated with the most advanced radio controlled time technology with automatic summer time adjustment, minimal attention of the unit is needed to keep the most accurate time.

The unit works on receiving the time radio signal. The time signal is generated by the US Atomic Clock which is located in Colorado. (The Atomic Clock is operated by the US Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology.) For best reception, avoid placing the unit near television sets, metal surfaces, computers or electric devices as these devices will interfere with the reception of the radio signal.

- Atomic clock functlon with automatic daylight saving time / standard time adjustment.
- Solar power for full operation.
- No external battery needed.
- Jumbo display with maximum digit height 47mm.
- Display time with running second / calendar with month, date and day-of-week.
- Digital map showing the current time zone selected, for easy recognition.
- 12/24HR display format is user selectable.
- POWER SAVE mechanism for minimal power consumption in the dark.
- Hang on wall or stand on the desktop (with built-in easel stand).
- Display Size: 2-1/4".
- Clock is 10" in diameter.

Low Vision Multi-Function Timer, Clock, Stopwatch

Low Vision Multi-Function Timer, Clock, Stopwatch - all in one. With its light weight and built-in wire hanger, this pocket sized timer can easily be carried or clipped on your shirt or coat pocket without being cumbersome. Designed to perform a number of tasks, it has a large, easy-to-read digital display, memory recall and a splash-proof case.

- Large, easy to read digital display
- LCD Height: 5/8"
- Counts up or down
- Memory recall
- Easel stand, wire hanger, clip-on or magnet mount
- Splash-proof timer case
- Resolution: 1 second
- Channels: 1 station
- Power Supply 1.5v AAA Battery (not included)
- Certifications CE, WEEE, RoHS
- Weight 0.13 lb (59 gms)
- Dimensions 2.75" x 2.38" x 0.75" (7.0 x 6.0 x 1.9 cm)
- Warranty: 1 year

Low Vision Note Writing Frame with Washable Pen

This hinged frame was designed to help the blind and those with vision challenges write more easily on note-sized paper. The paper is held securely in place to prevent shifting while writing. Elastic cords running across the frame serve as guides that provide enough movement to allow the writer to form upward and downward strokes. A tactile ridge makes it easy to properly position paper in the frame.

The writing frame comes complete with a special washable handwriting pen which can be placed in the clip built into the top of the frame when not being used. Non-slip pads on the back of the frame help prevent slippage and increase control when writing. The frame is made of thick, durable plastic that hinges open for insertion of note paper, then locks securely closed with a clip mounted on its side. Accomodates European A5 (5.8" x 8.3") or standard US (5.5 x 8.5") size notepaper. Frame measures 10.625 x 7.375. Product Weight: 7.2 oz. (including pen.)

Low Vision Talking Scientific Graphing Calculator-English-Spanish

The SciPlus 2500 is the only talking scientific graphing calculator designed specifically for users with low vision. SciPlus 2500 is an easy to use, fully portable, talking, large display scientific graphing calculator featuring an enlarged keypad with high contrast and 0.7-inch tactile keys. Talking function enables speech output in either English or Spanish (can be turned off when not needed). Other features include a generous 6-inch, four-line display with adjustable contrast, adjustable backlight, inverse video, lightweight portable design and long life battery. USB charger and convenient protective carry case also included.

In addition to performing all other scientific, statistical and trigonometric calculations, the SciPlus 2500 calculator adds the ability to graph and plot equations, analyze values along a curve, and determine y-intercepts, poles, etc. As a result, the SciPlus 2500 is the most complete and innovative talking scientific graphing calculator available to visually impaired users.

Low Vision Yellow Paper Black Bold Lines

Bold black lines are 3/4 apart and on both sides. 100 sheets per pad. Measures 8 1/2x11. No holes. Yellow paper. Bold Black Lines.

Magnifying Medi-Grip Medicine Bottle Cap Remover

Opening prescription bottles is difficult for millions of Americans suffering from arthritis. For those with vision impairments just reading the label on medicines is a chore. This product was designed specifically to address these problems.

The Magnifying Medi-Grip Remover is made with ultra-soft, easy to grip, thermo plastic rubber (TPR) material and has a built-in 4x magnifier to aide in reading prescription labels. Engineered with a series of grooves and notches that marry up to the most common medicine bottles, it easily assists in opening medications and vitamins. It is unlike any product on the market today.

Maltron Keyboards -Left Handed

These keyboards are designed to enable people with special needs to enter computer data more easily and quickly. The special shape and letter layout have been very carefully planned, taking into account the limited number of keys that can be accessed quickly and comfortably.

Maltron Single-hand Keyboard - Right Hand

Meets the needs of those who need to type with one hand - designed with the limited number of keys that can be accessed quickly and comfortably. Special shape and letter layout matches natural-hand movement - key arrangement minimizes finger movement to raise speed and relieve frustration. Ergonomic shape ensures freedom from strain and no RSI type problems have been reported in over 10 years

  • Keyboard has Push-On Push-Off keys for Shift, Control and Alt functions, which is essential for single hand operation
  • Keyboard has a USB connector; Windows keys are also included

Master Lock Speed Dial Combination Lock

The Speed Dial Combination Padlock from Master Lock is fast, easy and secure. It's quick and easy to open with only one hand - without having to see small numbers or manipulate a dial as must be done with a traditional combination lock. Simply slide the dial up, down, left or right in a sequence you pre-set to open it!

MaxiTouch Dots- Package of 640 - Assorted Colors

  • Tactile, self-adhesive dots
  • Simply peel off the backing and apply
  • Extra-thick (3mm) dots have a 1/4 diameter
  • 640 dots: 64 each of 10 different colors
  • For safety, efficiency and productivity at work and home

Live more safely, easily and efficiently at home Decrease errors and increase productivity in the workplace Maxi Touch Dots are tactile, self-adhesive dots that make it easy to identify buttons and keys on almost any household appliance or electronic item by touch. Use on computer and typewriter keyboards, knobs and buttons, tape recorders, telephones, calculators, etc. Simply peel off the backing and apply

These dots, which have a 1/4 diameter are extra thick (3mm) so they are distinguishable by touch from thinner dots, thus providing a greater range of marking capability. Assortment of 640 dots: 64 each of 10 different colors (black, white, yellow, red, lime green, pink, purple, orange, kelly green and neon green.)

Mercury 7 Handheld Portable Video Magnifier and OCR Reader

  • Magnification up to 10x in live mode and 30x in OCR mode
  • Talk-back menu
  • Accurate full page OCR
  • Ability to save and load photos and documents
  • Various reading options

Mixed Bump Dots

Mark everyday items for easy identification by touch, and make your workplace more efficient and your daily life easier and more enjoyable!

Bump Dots are a great way to tactually mark appliances, computer keyboards, TV's and remote controls, telephones, copiers, printers, etc. Use them at home or in the office for marking a countless variety of items.

Made of durable soft plastic with a rounded top, these smooth, raised tactile dots have a self-adhesive backing for fast, easy application on most hard, clean surfaces (plastic, metal, etc.) Adhesive will not damage the product's surface.

This Mixed Bump Dots Set Includes:
- 30 Small, round w/rounded top, orange-red - 0.25 in. diameter
- 30 Medium, round w/rounded top, orange-red - 0.3125 in. (5/16 in.) diameter
- 20 Large, round w/rounded top, orange - 0.44 in. (approx. 7/16 in.) diameter

Monthly Medication System with Talking Alarm-Stadium

  • Organizes pills for a full 31 days supply of medication
  • Talking Alarm Clock Calendar reminds users to take medicine up to 4 times daily
  • Date and dosage time verified through LCD display and audible alert
  • 'Loud' and 'Extra Loud' settings ensure alarm is heard
  • Clear, Large-Type display makes viewing day, date, time easy

Naturalight StarMag Sewing Machine Lamp with LED Light

This small and convenient mountable sewing lamp is ideal for using on your sewing machine since you can direct the light exactly where you need it most. The sewing lamp is easily mounted on the side of your sewing machine with self-adhesive stickers and has a removable mount. The Daylight LED's provide high contrast and accurate color matching, making it easier and less tiring to work and see detail clearly. LED's never need replacing and use very little energy. The sewing lamp offers a light that is powered by an AC adapter (included). Daylight sewing lamps are perfect for all of your sewing tasks and are great low vision sewing aids.

Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer

The Non Contact Infrared Digital Thermometer uses advanced infrared technology to take your temperature in just 1 second! This multi-purpose no touch thermometer offers 3 modes allowing you to quickly and accurately measure body temperature, surface temperature and room temperature. You can also conveniently switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings as well. Simply hold the infrared sensor 3 to 5 centimeters away from the surface of the skin and press the scan button. The temperature reading will be stored in memory (up to 32 readings can be stored). There is also a fever alarm that will alert you if the temperature registers over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit / 38 degrees Celsius.

Ideal hygienic solution for the whole family since there is no contact involved.

  • No touch thermometer for hygienic, non-intrusive use
  • 3 modes to take Body/Surface/Room temperatures; choose Fahrenheit or Celsius degrees for readings
  • Up to 32 readings are stored in memory; fever alarm for temperatures over 100.4 degrees F / 38.0 degrees C
  • Backlit LCD screen easy to read in a dark room
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) and also comes with soft carry bag

Nutone Strobe Door Chime

The Nutone Strobe Door Chime plugs into any AC outlet. A 10-second flashing strobe accompanies all tone selections, for ideal safety notification for the hearing impaired. Audible chime sounds in 8-note, 2-note or 1-note tones also make this Strobe Door Chime helpful for those with low vision. The Nutone Strobe Door Chime includes wireless transmitter push button and battery.

To set-up the Nutone Strobe Door Chime, simply insert one 12-volt alkaline type A23 or MN21 button battery. Plug the chime into a 120-volt wall outlet. You may either mount the button or carry it for use as a paging device. Also useful when left with someone who is bedridden. Pressing the button will alert you to their call by strobe and chime. Excellent for deaf and deaf/hearing households. 100 ft. operating range. The door chime has 64-code variations to prevent mixing or crossing signals with other Nutone receivers.

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder VN-541PC

  • Features: Clear Sound Noise Cancellation and Easy Scene Setting Recording: Memo, Talk, Music, LP
  • Recording Format: WMA; Recording Storage: 1570 hrs. (Std), 2080 hrs. (LP)
  • Compatibility: MS Windows 7-8-8.1-10; MAC OS X 10.5-10.11
  • Powered by AAA alkaline battery x2 (included); Connects to PC with included USB Cable
  • Dimensions: 4.25 in. (H) x 1.48 in. (W) x 0.79 in. (D); Weight (including batteries): 2.4 oz

Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-853

The Olympus Digital Voice Recorder WS-853 features superb stereo quality with its True Stereo Mic system which has two built-in directional microphones. The WS-853 captures the highest quality recording with an authentic stereo experience, making you feel as if you are actually in the room where it was recorded.

The Intelligent Auto Mode automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity according to the volume of the speaker, as well as the number of people and the size of the meeting space. To set this function, simply select Auto for the recording level from the menu.

  • 8GB Internal Memory (expandable with optional 32GB Micro SD Cards)
  • True Stereo Microphone & Intelligent Auto Mode (automatically adjusts the microphone sensitivity) for high quality MP3 recordings
  • Voice Balancer improves audio playback when recording multiple speakers; playback speed user-controlled from 2.0X - 0.5X
  • Simple Mode provides super-easy operation for beginners
  • Built-In USB Connection - no cables needed to connect to PC or Laptop

Opti Verso 2 Desktop Video Magnifier 1.5x-50x

  • Autofocus zoom camera for close up & distance view
  • Magnifies 1.5x-50x (80x digital) on a 15” PC (not included)
  • Full color & enhanced color options; 10 customizable views
  • Illumination: LED
  • Incl. reading table, AC supply, rechargeable battery & case

Opti Verso 2 is the ultimate portable video magnifier with distance viewing capability. If you are a professional or student who requires distance AND close-up viewing, the Opti Verso 2 is for you. 

The flexible camera flips up for viewing presentations and flips back again for close up reading and writing. This lightweight video magnifier is the perfect solution for students or professionals on the go. 

The Opti Verso 2 has a portable USB 2.0 and connects to either a PC or notebook (not included). The wide range of features includes full and enhanced colors as well as line and shutter markers. It saves images to your PC for later viewing. LED lighting is built-in and Magnification ranges from 1.5x - 50x on a typical 15-in. screen.

The Opti Verso 2 provides full color and a complete range of enhanced color options. It's portable with a light weight of 3.3 pounds. The unit size measures 16.1 in. x 9.4 in. base; 13.7 in. high and collapses to 2.5 in. for storage. A reading table is included along with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. The battery life is 6 hours with a charge time of 3-4 hours. The Opti Verso 2 is equipped with a fast charger for recharging. 

A protective shoulder carrying case is also provided with capacity for a 15-in. notebook PC.

NOTE: This item is an autofocus zoom camera Only. It must be used in combination with a PC/laptop/notebook (not included) in order to view the image on the PC screen.

- Camera: USB 2.0 autofocus zoom camera suitable for close up and distance
- Magnification: 1.5x-50x (80x digital) on typical 15 inch screen (PC not included)
- Modes: Full color. Complete range of enhanced color options. View Manager with 10 customizable views.
- Power: Worldwide power supply. Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery. Battery life - 6 hrs.
- Illumination: LED
- Reading Table: Included
- Battery: Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
- Carrying case: Protective carrying case included

Orion T136X Talking Scientific Calculator

Ergonomically designed for use by the visually impaired. Perfect for students of junior high school algebra to college calculus. Easy for teachers to help with. Clear, high-quality, natural speech. Each key is spoken when pressed. Repeat facility speaks the display at any time. Choice of speech modes for quiet or verbose operation. Unique learning mode for key identification without interrupting operation. Over 127 scientific functions including 1 and 2 variable statistics, trigonometry and unit conversion. Large tactile, functionally zoned keys. Backspace/correction key. High capacity rechargeable battery for over 6 hours of continuous operation. Battery or AC adapter operation. Easy on/off control, auto power-off. Protective snap cover. Included accessories: High quality earphone for private use, AC adaptor. Small and lightweight (pocket size, 11 ounces). Dimensions: 6.2 x 3 x 1.3.

Page Fold-Over Letter Writing Guide with Wide Spaces

Takes the great features of the Page Letter Writing Guide with Wide Spaces and adds a white plastic sheet behind the black template. Simply place your writing paper in between the two and this guide will hold it in place for you as you write. Perfect for writing larger letters or when using a bold marker. The sturdy black plastic template and white back sheet measure 8.5 x 11. Template features 9 extra-wide writing spaces each measuring 3/4 Wide x 7 Long. Great for the Blind and those with low vision.

Perkins SMART Brailler with Video Screen

Using traditional typewritten braille in teaching, education and communication can be limiting, as it cannot be quickly or easily translated into written or spoken language.

Now everyone can join the learning experience. The new SMART Brailler allows users to connect and communicate with others by using a digital screen and audio output to share their braille writing.

The SMART Brailler is the long-awaited evolution of the Perkins Brailler from a low-technology, beloved classic to a high-technology learning and teaching tool. It opens the door to a new, more intuitive way for individuals, both sighted and blind, to communicate, teach and learn braille together.

Pocketalker 2.0 with Headphones

  • More comfortable, slim, ergonomic design
  • T-coil for better hearing in ADA-compliant venues
  • Improved battery life - up to 105 hours
  • Superior sound quality with adjustable tone control
  • Now rechargeable (optional charging kits available)

The Pocketalker amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise. Ideal for one-on-one conversation, small-group and television
listening, or conversing in the car. Use with or without hearing aids. Simply plug in your earpiece, position the microphone near the preferred sound, adjust
volume to your comfort – and start listening.


Post-Your-Voice Portable Digital Memo Recorder

  • Records 10 full seconds
  • Paper-thin construction
  • Battery (CR2016) included
  • Size: 105.4mm x 64.8mm x 7.4mm
  • Clips to documents, folders or virtually any object

Concealed inside this paper-thin clip is a state-of-the-art recording chip that gives you ten full seconds of high-quality digital recording time. Clips to documents, folders or virtually any object. Your message is retained even if the batteries are dead or removed. LED indicator for recording or playback. Clip operates on a CR2016 lithium cell (included). Size: 105.4mm x 64.8mm x 7.4mm.


Precision Needle Threader Set -with 25 Extra Hooks

Easy to maneuver needle threader features specially machined threading hooks. The best quality threader for those with vision impairments. This needle threader is perfect for sewing machines. Includes holder with 25 hooks.

Prop It Book Rest

Holds books up to 10 wide, 3 thick and 10lbs. in weight. Elastic band keeps books open while allowing for easy page turning. Ideal for: computer operators, technicians, laboratory researchers, teachers, students, and many more.

Quilted Wheel Pouch for Wheelchair

This mobility aid offers convenient storage while you're on the go in your wheelchair! This wheelchair accessory features a large outer pouch to carry reading materials, clothing articles and personal items. The wheelchair aid has an inner pocket that holds cell phones, remotes and valuables in any of the three secure pouches. Quilted, machine washable fabric attaches to most any wheelchair with secure hook and loop fasteners. Color: Blue.

Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator

The Reizen 12-Digit Jumbo Talking Calculator features easy to use oversized 1-1/2" wide keys and a large 1-1/8" x 5-5/8" LCD with 7/8" high numbers. To ensure accuracy, number and function keys pressed as well as calculation results are announced. Volume is adjustable (Low, High, Off) and the hinged 12-digit LCD pivots up for easier viewing. Time display (hours/minutes/seconds). Alarm with beep or 3 melodies.

Reizen Fresnel Computer-Stand Magnifier

Great for viewing an extensive field of things: books, puzzles, maps, telephone directories, drawing, etc. 1.7x magnification. Folds and stores flat when not in use; reduces risk of breakage and is much neater. Magnifier is a large 8 x 10.

  • Great for hands-free use
  • Folds flat for easy storage
  • Large magnifier measures 8 x 10

Reizen II Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Reizen II Talking Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with 4 Languages (English, German, Italian and Spanish) is loaded with features that make it a valuable, easy to use tool to help monitor blood pressure.

A voice prompt lets you know the monitor is ready to use, and a simple press of the button is all it takes to start the auto-inflation of the arm cuff. When completed, the monitor automatically announces your Systolic and Diastolic Blood Pressure Readings and Pulse Rate. Readings are also displayed on the large backlit LCD. You may choose English, Spanish, French or German (or turn the voice function off, if you'd like) and readings are stored in the 80-reading memory with date/time reference. Ideal for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Designer Style

This attractive, ergonomically designed talking alarm clock is as stylish as it is functional. Features time announcement in a female voice at the simple touch of a button located on top of the clock. You may also choose to have an hourly time announcement. Alarm with choice of cuckoo or 2 musical chimes. Snooze alarm. Large LCD display with 3/4" numbers. Silver with black buttons. Durable plastic. Measures: 4-3/8" x 2-3/4" x 1-5/8". Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included.) Warranty: 90 days.

Reizen LCD Talking Alarm Clock- Rectangular

Features time announcement in a female voice at the touch of an easy-to-locate button that runs across the top of the clock. You may also choose to have an hourly time announcement. Alarm with choice of cuckoo or 2 musical chimes. Snooze alarm. Large LCD display with ¾ numbers. (Note: Time Display wraps onto 2 lines, with hour on top line, minutes on bottom line.) Black/Silver plastic in elongated rectangular shape. Measures: 5-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 1-3/4. Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included.) Warranty: 90 days.

Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles

Reizen Prism Bed Spectacles allow you watch television or read while lying down in bed without neck strain. The lenses are right angle prisms that change the normal line of sight without any distortion. Just lay down in bed, put on the bed spectacles and you'll be able to read a book or view the TV screen as though it was directly in front of you.

Reizen Bed Spectacles are handy for anyone who enjoys watching TV while lying in bed. And they're especially helpful for the bedridden, those in the hospital or in rehab from surgery, as well as those with back or neck pain. Elegant, attractive black frame. High quality frames and lenses. Dimensions: 5-3/8" x 1-1/4".

Reizen Talking Calculator with Repeat Key

This calculator talks to you! No more worrying whether you pressed the right keys and no need to read numbers from a small display. The Reizen Talking Calculator announces keys pressed and calculation results, and just in case you get interrupted or don't hear it the first time, a Repeat Key ensures that you get it right!

Features & Specifications:

  • Voice announcement of keys pressed and calculation results
  • Voice Volume Control: Choose from 4 volume selections: Loud, Medium, Soft and Off
  • Large, bold 5/8" digits on LCD display
  • 8-digit display
  • Repeat Key: Repeats last key pressed or last calculation result
  • Math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide, equals, percent and square root)
  • Memory functions (memory plus, memory minus, memory zero, memory clear)
  • Back Key: Allows you to erase only the last digit entered
  • Units/Digits Key: Choose to have two-digit numbers spoken as a number or as individual digits (ex. announce "10" as either "Ten" or "One Zero")
  • Auto Shut-Off after approx. 3 minutes
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (not included)
  • Includes headphones for private listening
  • Color: Black with white keys
  • Product Measurements: 6-3/8" Wide x 7" Deep x 2" Thick

Reizen Talking Wrist-Mount Blood Pressure Monitor

Hear your blood pressure readings spoken and see them displayed on the large LCD! The Reizen Talking Wrist-Mounted Blood Pressure Monitor quickly and easily attaches to your wrist for fast, accurate and convenient readings at home. Great for the blind and those with low vision.

Rocking T Knife

Cuts by rocking the knife on food. Comfortable wooden handle shaped to fit the hand. Easy to use for people with a weak grasp. The safety edge, stainless steel blade maybe sharpened with a knife sharpener. Household dishwasher safe.

Safe Slice Knife Guard

This helpful kitchen tool has soft flexible thermoplastic fingertip grips that provide a firm grip on food and flex naturally with finger movement. And, the hard plastic shield protects fingers as you slice and dice.

  • Protects fingers while slicing and dicing
  • Non-slip soft grip
  • Hand wash only; Do not put in dishwasher
  • Measures 3.625” High x 3.125” Wide x 1.25” Thick


Scan-A-Can for Windows Deluxe

Get organized and enjoy greater independence! No more frustration opening the wrong food can or time wasted trying to locate the CD or DVD you're looking for. And no more waiting for a sighted family member or friend to help you identify and sort out your groceries and other household items. Start living more independently with SCAN-A-CAN.

SCAN-A-CAN for Windows Deluxe allows you to use the common bar codes that appear on most items to your advantage. Simply scan the item bar code and the item name will appear on the screen of your Windows-based PC. Then use your screen reading software (not included) to read the text off the screen and announce it to you.

Scrabble Deluxe Edition for Low Vision

Classic word fun for everyone! Challenge your mind, not your eyes. Have a blast playing this classic word game with your friends and family, while at the same time test (and expanding) your language, spelling and vocabulary skills.

This modified accessible version of Deluxe Scrabble includes an easy-access rotating game board and low vision game tiles with bold black extra large half-inch high letters on a white background. Now the whole family - including grandparents, seniors, or anyone who may have difficulty seeing standard Scrabble game tiles - can get in the game.

- High quality game board is impact-resistant and spins around for easy access by all players
- Low vision edition features tiles with bold, black, extra-large (1/2") letters and numbers set on a white background
- Includes rotating game board, low vision tiles and easy to follow instructions

Seam Ripper with 5x Magnifier for Low Vision

Finding threads can be so difficult, especially when they match the fabric color exactly. The magnifying seam ripper, with its 5x magnifier attachment, offers a solution to this problem. This low vision aid simply slides the arm of the magnifier into the collar on the base and adjust it to your ideal position. You will be able to easily see threads like never before with this sewing magnifier. The magnifier can be easily removed for storage when not in use. In addition to removing stitches, the Seam Ripper is great for cutting open buttonholes, removing basting or tailor's tacks, cutwork embroidery, quilting and for removing buttons, snaps and itchy tags. It is also a handy tool to keep near your TV or entertainment center for opening shrink-wrapped packages such as CD's and DVD's.

Shoe Remover

Easy shoe removal without bending over. Also keeps hands off dirty boots.


Sit-Stand-Recline Workstation - Model 500

A workstation solution to computer users who work from a reclining position. The Model 500 straddles a bed or recliner and can hold up to 21 monitors anywhere on its tabletop, and will securely position the monitor at angles up to 55 degrees using its motorized monitor tilt platform. The adjustable keyboard mechanism and motorized height adjustment make ergonomic configuration easy - even for the most demanding cases.

Snow 7 HD Plus Handheld Video Magnifier

The new Snow 7 HD Plus is the first 7″ handheld video magnifier in the world to combine the portability of a handheld magnifier with integrated OCR and text-to-speech — with no need to connect to a computer or other device! Its high-definition camera and screen ensure a crisp, vibrant picture-quality at all magnification levels and the lightweight, portable design makes it easy to use at home, at school, at work or on-the-go.

  • Magnifies 2.2x-16x on 7-in. widescreen
  • 12 hi-contrast color viewing modes
  • Close-up & distance viewing (2.56 in. to 16.5 ft.)
  • Up to 5 hrs. use (on 4-5 hours charge time)
  • Measures 7.7 x 5.5 x 1.00 in.; Weighs only 16.93 oz.

Sonic Boom Analog Vibrating Alarm Clock

This Sonic Boom Analog Alarm was designed for those who prefer the ease of use of an analog alarm clock. With an easy to set alarm, this home living aid features no AM or PM function to be confused by, and easy to see extra large display with cool blue backlight and pulsating alarm lights for those with low vision.

Sonic Boom Analog Alarm Features:
Packaged with our most powerful 12-volt bed shaker
Sharp blue backlight also flashes when alarm rings for low vision users
Complete with a hi/low dimmer switch to sleep better at night
Extra loud audio alarm for the hearing impaired,this analog alarm clock features a loud 113 db adjustable tone and volume control
Battery backup up to 30 days maintains proper time and alarm setting in the event of a power outage
Eco-Friendly green electronics that use 60 percent less energy
One-year manufacturer's warranty

Spanish Talking Indoor-Outdoor Digital Thermometer

Wake up to the indoor/outdoor temperature announcement at the preset alarm time, hear the announcement automatically every hour on the hour, or simply press a button to hear it.

This Talking Digital Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer keeps you updated on the current indoor and outdoor temperature, so you can always dress properly and be comfortable indoors or outdoors.

- Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
- Announces temperature in Celsius only
- Dual display allows choice of 4 display modes: indoor/outdoor, indoor/time, outdoor/time, time/alarm
- Displays and announces each day's high and low temperatures
- As an added health and safety measure, Audio announcement alerts users when the temperature reaches 100F (38C) or drops to 32F(0C)
- Volume control and shut-off
- Temperature displays in C or F
- Temperature range: -50C to 70C (-58F to 158F)
- Accuracy: 1C (2F), resolution: 0.1C(0.1F)
- Dimensions: 146mm x 84.5mm x 20.6mm)
- Large 3-1/8-in x 15/16-inch LCD displays with clear black digits
- Displays temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius
- Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included)
- 30-Day Warranty
- Weight: .45 lbs.

Splatter Guard

Aluminum mesh helps prevent grease from splattering. Also allows steam to escape and ability to add liquids with minimal splashing. Measures approximately 11 in diameter.

Spot n Line Pen

3-dimensional for raised lines, dots, & shapes.

Striped Warning Tape

Designed to mark ramps, stairs, floors, and anywhere there is heavy foot traffic. In black/white and black/yellow.

Tactile Push-Button Padlock

This Tactile Push-Button Combination Padlock is easy to operate by touch with tactile numbers (1-8) and push-button design. Simply identify each tactile number in the 4-digit combination by touch and push down the corresponding buttons. Then toggle the switch on the bottom over and the lock pops open. It's a handy low vision combination lock for the blind and visually impaired. Made of durable metal with a sleek polished chrome-look case.

Talking Blood Pressure Monitor - 3 Languages

Quickly measure your pulse and blood pressure, and hear the results spoken in English, French, or Spanish!

Tested for accuracy, this Talking Blood Pressure Monitor allows you to get fast, precise pulse and blood pressure readings virtually anywhere, whether you're in the comfort of your home, in the office or travelling.

The SmoothFit cuff seamlessly conforms to your arm for maximum comfort during testing. Readings can be easily viewed on the oversized display, or heard using the audio function in English, French and Spanish.

With a 90-reading recall, time/date stamp, and other reading indicators, this monitor also makes it easy to track your results over time.

Talking Digital Bathroom Scale - 440-lb Capacity

Hear weight spoken in your choice of five languages and view it on the large, easy-to-see display!

This Digital Talking Bathroom Scale from Taylor announces weight readings in English, German or Spanish (in lbs.) or Greek or Croatian (kgs.) and displays them in large 0.9-inch numbers on the built-in LCD. Its large 12.2 inch square glass platform with stainless steel accents offers a stylish look for virtually any bathroom decor.

- Announces weight in 5 languages (English, German, Spanish, Greek or Croatian) (NOTE: For English, German and Spanish, weight is announced in pounds; for Greek and Croatian languages, weight is announced in kilograms only.)
- Digit Size: 0.9 in.
- Display Size: 2.87 in. x 1.18 in. (LxW)
- Tempered glass platform with stainless steel accents
- Powered by 3 AAA batteries (included)
- 5 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
- Weight Capacity: 440 lbs. (200 kg.)
- Platform Size: 12.2 in. x 12.2 in. (LxW)
- Platform Thickness: 0.314 in. (8 mm)

Product Dimensions: 12.2 in. Long x 12.2 in. Wide x 1.125 in. Thick
Product Weight: 5.0 lbs.

Talking Digital Cooking Thermometer

Cook foods to the perfect temperature - every time! Hear the temperture spoken and avoid under- or over-cooking ham, turkeys, chicken, roasts, steaks - or whatever you're making.

This Talking Digital Cooking Thermometer has a clear female voice. Apply the tip of the probe to the food to be measured and you'll get a voice reading of the temperature in a few seconds. 

  • Reliable thermometer for cooking and household use
  • Clear Female Voice
  • Get readings in seconds
  • Activates with the touch of a button
  • Uses one CR2032 Lithium Battery (included)
  • Ideal, easy-to-use kitchen/cooking thermometer for all your cooking and baking needs
  • Also great for checking water temperature (in both the kitchen and bath) and numerous other household applications
  • Note: This is not intended for use as a medical thermometer
  • Activates with the touch of a button
  • Temperature ranges from minus 4F to plus 248F

Talking Digital Kitchen Scale

This Talking Digital Kitchen Scale is a must have for every kitchen and is also perfect for visually impaired home cooks. Talking Kitchen Scale as seen on TV not only displays but verbally announces the weight/volume of dry or wet ingredients. Includes "Tare" function allowing multiple ingredients to be measured without emptying the measuring cup. Compensates for ingredients with different densities such as milk, oil, flour and sugar. Readings can be stated in volume (fluid ounces, milliliters, or cups) or weight (ounces, pounds or grams). Measurement will also display on digital LED screen. Features tempered glass base and measures up to 10 lbs. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Measuring cup not included.

Talking Digital Tire Gauge

  • Announces the tire pressure measured
  • Easily switch between English/Spanish voice
  • Large, easy-read (0.75 in. x 0.50 in.) LCD
  • Includes one CR2032 button cell battery
  • Measures approx. 5.75 in. x 1.75 in. x 0.75 in.

It talks! No more squinting and straining to see the small numbers found on most common car tire pressure gauges. With the Talking Digital Tire Gauge you can hear your tire pressure measurement clearly announced, and also see it displayed on the easy-to-read digital LCD display.

- Announces the tire pressure measured
- English/Spanish voice switching (using simple built-in toggle switch)
- Patented voice recall function and last pressure memory
- Large, easy-read (0.75 in. x 0.50 in.) LCD
- After about 10 seconds the display automatically resets to 0.0
- Auto-off after about 10 more seconds if no additional readings are made
- Operation Range: 5-99 PSI (in 0.5-lb. units)
- Ergonomic pistol grip handle
- 5 year limited manufacturer warranty
- Includes 1 CR2032 button cell battery (replaceable)

Talking Ear and Forehead Thermometer

Versatile Talking Ear and Forehead Thermometer was developed for accurate, safe and fast human body temperature measurements as well as object temperature measurements. LCD backlit display with color-coded fever indicator: green (normal), slow blinking red (raised), fast blinking red (high). Includes ear, forehead, object and room temperature indicators. 1-second measurement and memory feature recalls past 9 measurements in Celsius/Fahrenheit option. Temperature, date and time display. Dual scale measurement. Infrared thermometer. Cleaning indicator. (To achieve accurate measurements, it is very important to check that the infrared sensor is clean before each use.) For home use only. 

  • Speaks temperature and time results
  • Removable cap allows for easy measurements of forehead, ear and object temperatures
  • Three color-coded fever alarms
  • Latex-free and reusable
  • Temperature range 89.6 - 109.3 F
  • Measures approx. 5 1/2" x 1 1/4".

Tel-Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock

This unique pyramid-shaped alarm clock delivers time reports with a touch of the large, black button at the top of the clock. Ideal for those with low vision, this talking clock offers a large number viewing capability when you turn it over to view the 1/4 inch black numbers on its LCD display. The Tel-Time Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock comes in a white case, and an easy-to-set female voice. For those with both visual and hearing impairment, the easy to use volume control offers loud volume settings including, beep or crow alarm. This talking clock measures: 5-1/2 inch x 4 inch x 3 inch. Uses 4-AA batteries (not included).

Telephone sensor

Super Sensitive. Detects telephone lights and LED's. Tone and pitch indicator provide user information. Features volume control and battery.


The Tell-Money Money Identifier was designed to support the active and independent lifestyles of the blind and those with low vision by providing a portable, reliable and easy-to-use tool to help them quickly identify paper currency.

It is a talking money reader that recognizes and announces the value of all U.S. paper currency currently in circulation from one to one hundred dollars.

The Easi-Reader Bookstand

Holds reading material in a comfortable position for hands-free reading. Made of chrome-plated steel, this item folds away easily for storage.

Touch-N-Type Stick

This specially designed stick can be used by those individuals with limited hand usage to aid them to use the computer keyboard, adding machine, calculators, telephone etc. with a simple touch by the stick. Stress and pressure free. Handle configuration helps you do a task with comfort.

Travel Chess Set for the Blind or Those With Low Vision

  • Foldable, portable fun
  • Built-in storage space holds playing pieces
  • 4 1/4 x 8 7/8 closed, 8 7/8 x 8 7/8 opened

While folded, this board holds 32 black and white chess pieces; 16 of each color. Rooks, knights (horses), bishops, king, queen and the pawns are all represented. White pieces have bumps on top to differentiate between the two.
Open the board and you'll note that black spaces are slightly raised over their white counterparts. All spaces have peg holes to hold the pieces. Board measures 4 1/4 x 8 7/8 closed, 8 7/8 x 8 7/8 opened.

Typing Aid

Hand clip attached to a soft plastic key depressor. Useful for typewriters, computers, telephones, calculators, etc. Clip may be re-bent to suit hand.

Unisex Bi-Color Quartz Braille Watch with Bi-Color Expansion Band

Unisex Bi-Color (Fine, Slim, Classy) 6 o'clock opening Quartz Braille Watch that has has 1 dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 2 dots at the 3, 6, 9 and 3 dots at the 12 o'clock. Bi-Color Case w/Chrome Dial-Black Numbers at the 3, 6, 9 and 12- Bi-Color Expansion Band. Battery included. Square Dial. Size of Dial 15/16
Battery Type: 00364

Unisex Bi-Color Quartz Braille Watch with Leather Band

Unisex Bi-Color (Fine, Slim, Classy) 6 o'clock opening Quartz Braille Watch that has has 1 dot at the 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 2 dots at the 3, 6, 9 and 3 dots at the 12 o'clock. Bi-Color Case w/Chrome Dial-Black Numbers at the 3, 6, 9 and 12- Bi-Color Expansion Band. Battery included. Square Dial. Size of Dial 15/16
Battery Type: 00364

Unisex Braille Watch-Chrome-Steel Mesh Band

Unisex Braille Watch-Chrome-Steel Mesh Band-Blue Dial - Sport the stylish look of polished chrome finish with this Braille watch that offers a unique steel mesh band on your wrist, and enjoy the convenience of easily telling the time by touch! This 6 o'clock opening Unisex Braille Watch is as attractive as it is functional. It features 3 tactile dots at the 12 o'clock mark, 2 dots at 3, 6 & 9 and 1 dot at 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10 & 11. This Braille watch has durable hands were designed for reliable touch reading of time by the blind and visually impaired user. The cover swings open a full 90 degrees to allow ample access for reading time, and the large crown is easy to grasp for simple time setting.
Battery Type: 00377

VibraLITE Mini Vibration Watch-Black Nylon Buckle Band

You need a reliable, full-featured vibrating watch to alert you with important alarm reminders (medicine doses, important meetings, etc.) throughout your busy day. Nevertheless, the available models you have seen are just too big for your smaller size wrist. Finally, a sleek and stylish vibrating watch will meet all of your needs.

This vibrating watch is ideal for those with low vision or hearing impairment, with its helpful vibrating feature, you will never have to miss an important appointment or medication dose again.

The VibraLITE Mini vibrating watch offers great features including easy-to-read digits with a trim 1.20 inch x 1.51 inch case, up to 12 daily alarms (for variable reminders), a countdown timer and a handy backlight for use at night and in dimly lit areas. All of that in a watch specifically designed to fit small wrists and a style that will appeal to all ages.

Note: This vibrating watch is water resistant ONLY. It is NOT waterproof. While it will withstand some exposure to moisture and water, it is NOT intended to be worn for swimming, diving or in the shower. It should never be submerged in water.

VibraLITE Mini Model VM-LBK (buckle style band) Fits Wrist Sizes: 4.52 inch to 7.30 inch

Price: $49.95

VoiLa Voiced Label Reader for the Blind

  • Voice label recording and playback system
  • Label hundreds of items in your home or office
  • Easy two-button operation: record and play
  • Portable: no charger or wires required
  • Uses 2 AA batteries (included)


Vox-2 Talking Kitchen Scale

Instantly know the weight without having to view the scale display!

The Vox-2 Talking Kitchen Scale will announce the weight of food or other items in your preferred language (English, German, French and Spanish), as well as your choice of grams or pounds/ounces. Weigh up to 11 lbs. (5 kg) in 0.1 oz (1 g) increments.

This easy to use, ergonomic big button scale was designed with the visually impaired in mind.


VOXCOM III 100 Voice Labeling System with 100 Cards

  • Identify medication, clothing, food, etc. with voice labels
  • Record messages in your own voice and attach to products
  • Message playback is simple - insert card in VOXCOM
  • Record up to a 10-second description
  • Includes 9-volt battery & 100 re-recordable cards

Weighted Writing Pen

This sophisticated weighted pen offers style and superior control to individuals who have problems with holding or handling writing implements. Exquisitely designed in royal navy with silver tone accents, this hefty pen comes in at over four ounces An average ballpoint pen weighs approximately .2 ounces For your ultimate comfort, this pen has a squishy rubberized grip so you can feel free to write at length without pain. Indentations to the grip guide your hand into the most ergonomic position and offers the same comfort to either right or left-handed writers. Ink: Black. Length: 5-1/2 long x 1/2 dia.

Wheelchair Feeding Tray

Attaches easily to wheelchair. Almond finish. Safe and practical. Adult Size

Wire Loop Needle Threader

Wire Loop Needle Threader – Don't let dexterity or low vision stop you from sewing. This needle threader makes needle threading a breeze! The Wire Loop Needle Threader comes with a package of 3. Enjoy sewing again with these easy to use wire loop needle threaders.

WobL 8-Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch

WobL Watch is the smallest vibrating and alarm watch in the world. The child friendly Velcro band can fits wrists from approx. 4" to 8" diameter and the face is approx. 1-1/4" wide. It is designed to provide reminders to those with small or delicate wrists. The WobL is specially made for children, women and young adults who need a quality watch that can vibrate or alarm at set intervals throughout the day.

WobL Watch NOW offers 8 different alarms, countdown timer, date, lockout feature and a Velcro band. Ideal for the deaf, hearing and visually impaired, potty reminders, discreet reminders to perform bodily functions, meetings, timed medication and daily routines. The WobL watch is 3 ATM but is not waterproof. The WobL watch battery lasts around 2-4 months due to the vibrating motor. The battery size is CR2032. 6-month manufacturer's limited warranty (void if watch is exposed to water). Color: Blue/Black.

zoom magnification mirrors

  • Reversible and round shape
  • Manufacturer provides 1 year warranty
  • One side standard mirror and one side high quality 3X magnifying mirror
  • Two extendable arms
  • Ssimple to wipe and clean
  • Re-inspected prior to shipping your order for quality assurance
  • Wall mount installation with hardware included
  • Quality brass and glass construction
  • Polished chrome finish

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