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Heads Up!: The Eyewear Mounted Mirror

Heads Up! requires little if any adjusting and it's made from a strong, very lightweight, safe-to-wear polycarbonate composite and Kraton.  As you mount Heads Up! on a pair of sunglasses you will see how easy it is to install.  If you need to adjust it, simply bend it slightly to maximize the field of vision from the oval mirror.

Moto Reflex

Moto Reflex is the simple and easy way to see who’s behind you on bike lanes and neighborhood streets – it’s all about being aware! The unique "Gumby"-like wire makes Moto Reflex fully adjustable yet remains stable during your ride. Moto Reflex is easy to install with a double-sided adhesive and is made from safe-to-wear materials. Play a proactive role in your cycling and get 360 degree visibility with Moto Reflex.


ViewPoint is an adjustable rear view mirror for a variety of sports especially cycling and rowing. The mirror sticks to the inside of your sunglasses where it's invisible to others. Its tiny 3/8-inch diameter mirror mounts with a ball and socket arrangement so you can use it on a variety of eyewear designs and still find the best viewing angle.

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