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Apollo 924 w/annual service plan selected

The Apollo AL924 is a new alpha numeric pager, smaller than the Motorola Advisor Elite loaded with features:

  • 2 & 4 Line Zoom Feature Alphanumeric
  • 16 Memory Slots Up to 3150 (pocsag) 32000 (Flex) Character memory
  • 27000 (Flex) Character Per Mail Drop
  • Duplicate Message Detection
  • 50 Memory Slots
  • Auto Scroll w/ Speed Control
  • Unread Message Display
  • User Selectable 12 / 24 Hour Clock
  • Selective Message Lock / Delete
  • Smart Chip Built-in
  • Zoom feature
  • 4 Level Battery Capacity Indicator
  • Extra Long Battery life

Motorola T900 2-way pager

The Motorola Talkabout T900 Two-Way Pager is the latest generation in pagers. The T900 is a wireless device that is capable of not only receiving pages, with it's built-in keyboard you can send and receive email text messages, write notes to other pagers and even retrieve information via the Internet. You can receive everything from stock quotes to the latest baseball scores right on your hip...and it's all at your demand. Best yet, Motorola has designed the T900 pager to be very simple to use.

Unication NP88 Numeric Pager with 24month Service Plan

If it's a new pager you are looking for...The Unication NP88 numeric pager is compact, lightweight, inexpensive, and the best choice when you need a reliable pager. It even features a backlit display.

It is rugged and built to take anything you throw at it - better than any other new pager on the market today. Plus, its case feels great to the touch. This is a Brand New (not refurbished) pager. 

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