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Ultratec, Inc.

Ultratec, Inc.

450 Science Drive
Madison, WI 53711


Since 1978, Ultratec has been working to make telephone access more convenient and reliable for people with hearing loss. Today, our equipment is recognized worldwide as the standard for excellence in text telecommunications.


Minicom IV

This basic TTY is affordable and easy to use. It has an easy-touch keyboard with a bright, tilted 20-character display for hours of comfortable use. Minicom IV includes a printer port to connect an external printer. Turbo Code lets you enjoy real-time conversations with other Turbo Code TTYs. Auto ID lets everyone you call know you are using a TTY. Available options include an extended warranty, a dust cover and a soft carrying case. For basic communication features in a reliable TTY, Minicom IV is right for you.

Superprint 4425

Put the power of advanced technology at your fingertips with the deluxe Superprint 4425. This feature-packed TTY includes sophisticated capabilities, giving you more choices than ever! It features direct connect with two built-in telephone jacks and advanced calling features like auto-busy redial, three way calling, and TTY transfer. Call progress tells you if the phone you are calling is ringing or busy. Auto-Answer takes messages for you when you are unavailable.

TTY Intele-Modem

The Intele-Modem can turn your personal computer into a TTY. It automatically switches between ASCII computer code and Baudot TTY code, allowing you to communicate with people using various types of TTYs and computers. It directly connects to your phone line and detects dial tones, ringing, or a busy signal. The Intele-Modem works with standard communications software on your computer.

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