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Allegro Medical Supplies Inc.

Allegro Medical Supplies Inc.

360 Veterans Parkway
Suite 115
Bolingbrook, IL 604404607


Allegro's mission is to dominate the Internet sales of life enhancing products. Through innovation and a strong focus on customer service, we will provide our customers with the distinct advantage of unparalleled product selection, competitive prices and the convenience of speedy home delivery.


Cardinal Health Foldable Soft Seat Rollator With Brakes presents Cardinal Health Foldable Soft Seat Rollator With Brakes. The Travel safe with the new rollator by Cardinal health. Cardinal Health designed this rollator for ones who like to travel. This rollator features a padded backrest and flip up cushioned seat for you to rest on during your activities. With the dual handbrakes, you won't need to worry about stability or movement as you will complete control over your rollator. The best part is that this rollator compacts so you can store it in your backseat, trunk, or storage for later use!

Catheter Clamp

Catheter Clamp is molded of strong, durable plastic with serrated jaws 1 1/16¨ (2.7 cm) long. Positive lock clamp springs open when released, but stays on when the catheter is open to prevent loss. Can be operated with one hand. Overall length is 2 5/16¨ (5.9 cm). Packed 12 to a bag.

Dycem GRIP-IT Matting Roll - 16" Width

Dycem Matting Roll keep objects from sliding or rolling. This nonslip material grips on both sides to secure objects, yet peels off surfaces easily. Use on trays and tables to keep plates and cutlery from sliding or pens and pencils from rolling off tabletops. Dycem Matting is ideal for carrying food on trays or adhering cushions and inserts to wheelchairs. Rolls are available in four different sizes in blue, red and yellow, and have a thickness of 1/32" (.79mm).

Dycem is nontoxic and can be cleaned with soapy water to retain its properties. It is not effective when wet and must dry before use. Precut rounds are available in blue and red. All Dycem items can be autoclaved at 220° F (104°C).

  • Keep objects from slipping & sliding
  • Ideal for carrying food on trays
  • Available in blue, red & yellow
  • Nontoxic and can be cleaned with soapy water

GetGo Petite Rolling Walker

The GetGo Petite Rolling Walker is ideal for petite users and will get you on the go with great features at a very nice value. Features include 6” wheels, a padded seat, locking hand brakes, a pouch under the seat, and a flip up back.

Guardian Envoy 480 Deluxe Rolling Walker

The Envoy 480 Deluxe Rolling Walker features rugged 8-inch wheels for outdoor use and a deluxe padded seat and curved backrest for enhanced support.

Hearing Aid Sweatband

These Hearing Aid Sweatbands eliminate sudden hearing loss caused by rain, snow or perspiration, and stops dust infiltration. The specially designed fabric is both moisture repellent and moisture absorbent, while not inhibiting sound. Virtually any BTE hearing aid user can benefit. Natural colored. Two sweatbands per pack. Hand wash and air dry for best results.Allows moisture to evaporate and wick away. Doesn't hold moisture against the hearing aid. Protects the BTE hearing aid from hair styling products if worn to a hair salon.

Hoyer HPL700 Patient Lift

he Hoyer HPL700 Patient Lift is a uniquely designed electronically operated patient lift for the safe lifting of heavier patients. It is both sturdy and robust with a safe working load rating of 700 lbs. The HPL700 has been designed to be configured with or without a weigh scale. The weigh scale is seamlessly integrated with a digital display on both sides and user-friendly controls. The powered base allows the legs to be opened and closed with the push of a button, no need to bend or twist to adjust the legs. It also has two batteries and a charger included and the batteries have visual and audible low-battery indicators.

Key Turner III

The Key Turner III features a heavy-duty plastic handle that provides extra leverage for easy turning. Ideal for persons with arthritis or a weak grip. Curved handle fits comfortably in the hand and allows for easy turning. Holds three standard keys. Fold the keys into the handle when not in use. Measures 4¾" (12cm) long, 7/8" (22mm) wide with a 4-1/8" (10cm) circumference.

Leg Lifter offers The Mabis Leg Lifter. Ideal for moving legs to get out of a chair, wheelchair, bed or car. Large open loops at each end help pull and lift leg or cast into position. Durable and lightweight. 32” aluminum rod covered with 1” nylon webbing.

Long-Handle Toenail Clippers

Long-Handle Toenail Clippers. 18" long toenail clipper. Effective device for people with limited back, hip or knee movement due to pain, obesity, pregnancy, balance or orthopedic problems. Trigger action gives increased leverage for cutting - clips thick toenails with ease. Can be used with right or left hand. Latex free.

Due to hygienic reasons, this item is non-returnable!

  • Effective device for people with limited mobility
  • Trigger action gives increased leverage
  • Can be used with right or left hand
  • 18" long toenail clipper

Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table presents The Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table by Drive Medical. The Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table from Drive Medical gives you two stable, independent surfaces for eating, working, or entertainment. The height of the attractive wood-grain tabletops is infinitely adjustable and the larger surface can be angled to place it at the ideal position for you. The smaller surface always remains flat, perfect for keeping food, drink, glasses, remote controls, or other items secure. This Multi-Purpose Tilt-Top Split Overbed Table can also be used as a mobile workstation, a drafting table, a laptop desk, an artist's table, or an entertainment tray. With a 55 pound weight capacity, you can be assured your items will be safe and secure on this table. The tabletop can be raised as high as 46 inches allowing it to also be used as a standing desk. Additionally, the Overbed Table's caster wheels make it easy to maneuver and allow the table to be placed wherever it is most convenient.

Nail Brush with Suction Cup Base

Nail Brush with Suction Cup Base can be used for cleaning fingernails by people with only one functional hand.

The all nylon bristle brush has two suction cups that hold it in place on any smooth, flat surface. Bristle area is 1 1/4 x 4 1/4¨ (3.2 x 10.8 cm).

Over-Stove Mirror

Over-Stove Mirror. Mirror mounts on the wall over a stove so burners can be seen from a seated position. Adjustable to permit angling the mirror for the best visibility. Fastens to the wall with one screw. Measures 19 1/2"L x 15 1/2"W.

Portable Versa-Table

 The Portable Versa-Table allows users to enjoy the benefits and convenience of a table top surface anywhere.

Just loosen the two large plastic knobs and slide the base sideways under your thighs. Then adjust the table to the desired angle and height, and tighten the plastic knobs. It's that easy!

The Versa-Table is lightweight, portable, easy to use and folds for storage. Constructed of laminated hardwood carefully selected for its beauty and durability. Each part is hand crafted and protected with a lacquer finish. Just wipe with a damp cloth to keep your Versa-Table clean.

Rally Lite Rolling Walker

The Rally Lite Rolling Walker is a three wheeled walker with with right and left handle breaks and is available in four color options. Three wheel design makes mobility and maneuverability easier. Lightweight and compact folding design.

Super Ear Hearing Enhancer

The Super Ear Hearing Enhancer is an affordable, portable personal sound amplifier with up to 120dB gain. It features a built-in microphone for clear and loud delivery of sound through the included earphone.


The Super Ear Hearing Enhancer Features:

  • Range up to 100 feet
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Belt clip attaches to belt or clothing
  • Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz
  • Dimensions: 2-1/2" H x 1-3/4" L x 3/4" W

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