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ClearCaptions provides an innovative suite of communication services for people with hearing loss.

Making communication easier has been our passion from the beginning.


ClearCaptions Home Phone

Powered by ClearCaptions, Ensemble is for the 48 million Americans with hearing loss. For people who don't take conversations for granted. People who understand the weight and meaning of words. Ensemble is a captioned phone that displays text of conversations in near real-time on a large color touchscreen so you can see and hear what callers are saying.

  • 8" color touchscreen
  • Captions displayed in near real-time
  • Captions are provided free through ClearCaptions
  • Call Log displays previous conversations to review important details
  • Built-in answering machine and phone book
  • Three (3) custom sound tones
  • One-touch text sizing
  • Wireless or Ethernet connection to your Internet
  • For use at home and at work
  • 1-year warranty

ClearCaptions Mobile

When you're away from your Ensemble, take the confidence and convenience of ClearCaptions with you. View your captions at a friend's house on a computer. Or, follow your call on your iPhone® or Android™ smartphone during your taxi ride to the airport. ClearCaptions go where you go.
Add captions to any phone with the free ClearCaptions web service.

With ClearCaptions and a computer, you can add captions to almost any phone in your home or office. Just visit the ClearCaptions site, sign in and start your call.

Within seconds, captions will display on your computer's monitor. Change font sizes, color and even background color. And when you're through, save and/or print a copy.


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