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Professional Lab Custom Molded Musicians Ear Plugs

Professional Lab Custom Molded Musicians Ear Plugs

We offer the widest variety of custom musicians earplugs of any other source. These custom molded musician ear plugs require you to mail us impressions of your ears. Ear Plug Superstore has pioneered the process of do-it-yourself ear impressions. Now you can make your own impressions right at home using our do-it-yourself impression kit or visit a local audiologist to get your impressions made, then get your perfectly fitted custom musicians ear plugs shipped to your door.

Custom musicians ear plugs are not just for musicians. If you suffer from hypersensitive hearing (hyperacusis) or you live in a very noisy environment, custom molded musicians earplugs offer an excellent solution. The earplugs are comfortable enough to wear all day and they do not interfere with your ability to understand voices or to enjoy the full range of sound from the music you hear. They just let you turn down the volume of the world around you.

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