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Headset Zone

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Fanstel ST250

The Fanstel ST250 is a 2-Line sophisticated amplified business speakerphone that can digitally adjust frequency-specific volume levels so that any user, especially those exposed to harsh noisy environments can comfortably and clearly hear a caller’s voice.

The Fanstel ST250 boasts a large 7.4 square inch backlit LCD display and highly flexible sound settings. Incoming voices may be amplified by up to 50dB and 52dB amplification for full voice band and high frequencies respectively. This level of amplification has been tuned to more effectively restore the perception of many phonemic distinctions common in speech than competing models. As a convenience, personal volume amplification settings are automatically saved for later recall.

The internal acoustic chamber also restores low-frequency components in the incoming voice signal, allowing the speakerphone to deliver a crisp acoustic experience one would have only expected from a high-end conference speakerphone.

W7 Telephone Handset

The W7 handset has an amplified transmitter controlled by a rotary (thumb wheel, shown) volume control. The W7 amplifies outgoing volume up to 20dB to improve transmission.The W7 is for users with soft or weak voices.

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