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Tenacity Operating

Tenacity Operating

4611 S 96th St.
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Our mission is to enhance life at home, work, and on the go by improving the interaction between people and technology. Our method as an organization is to create and implement outstanding solutions that foster equality and inclusion and contribute to the well being of society.



ipTTY (sometimes referred to as TTY over IP or TTY over VoIP) is engineered to allow TTY communications using existing telephony infrastructure. The program communicates through IP and uses standard session initiation protocol (SIP). ipTTY enables virtually every user on your telephony network to communicate with customer TTY machines or the Text Relay Service (TRS), without the need for expensive analog lines or FXS gateways. Additionally ipTTY supports audio for hearing and voice carry-over and real-time-text via RFC 4103; the future in real time text communication.

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