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Clearsounds CS-CLTVBT Clearsounds CS-CLTVBT

Clearsounds CS-CLTVBT Clearsounds CS-CLTVBT

The Clearsounds CS-CLTVBT is a bluetooth TV and audio listening system. Comfortable and adjustableheadset features embedded microphone that allows use with bluetooth enabled mobile phones. The devicecan be paired with A2DP bluetooth devices and supports remote control of play/pause, previous/nexttrack, volume up/down. The system allows call transfer between headset and bluetooth mobile phone with33ft operating distance.

CS-CLTVBT Features:

  • Bluetooth TV & Audio Listening System
  • Comfortable & Adjustable Headset
  • Built-in Microphone
    - Allows Use w/ Bluetooth Enabled Mobile Phones
  • Supports Remote Controls
    - Play/Pause, Previous/Next Track, Volume Up/Down
  • Call Transfer
    - Between Headset & Bluetooth Mobile Phone
  • Up to 33ft Operating Distance
  • Up to 10hrs TV/Music Listening
  • Up to 11hrs Talk Time
  • Up to 250hrs Standby Time
  • Rechargeable 230mAh Li-polymer Battery
  • Requires 5V DC Input Voltage

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