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Absorbing Foams

Absorbing Foams

TUFCOTE™ sound absorbing foam materials are engineered to have numerous applications in noise reduction within a defined space, ranging from equipment cabinetry to automobile cabins.
TUFCOTE™ foams are manufactured utilizing a thin sheet casting process. This process chemically adheres the foams to a range of film facings or to absorption and barrier materials, to form combined composite products in a one-step process.
TUFCOTE™ foam products are produced in multiple forms, including rolls, sheets, or as custom die-cut parts, and they are available with or without pressure sensitive adhesive backing (PSA). They come in thicknesses from 0.25” to 2”.

  • Self-sustaining sound reduction foams can withstand exposure to most fluids, including grease and oils
  • H-Series foam products offer additional flame retardant properties
  • E-Series foams are engineered for general OEM applications
  • Foam products can be paired with TUFCOTE™ barriers, PSA backings, and a multitude of functional facings

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