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2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-5250
Austin, TX 78741


Gridcheck believe's that professional sign language interpreters, CART services and captionists should be available–anytime, anywhere, and that a consumer and interpreter’s ability to collaborate determines their mutual success. At Gridcheck, their goal is to nurture this symbiotic relationship and make scheduling and accessing easy from both sides.



Gridcheck links all parties to the appointment process displaying information so schedulers can make effective decisions while managing resources and costs.

  • Seamless and intuitive scheduling request process
  • Dedicated, secure portal to submit and review interpreting requests
  • Quickbooks (Online & Desktop) and Xero integration
  • Meet accessibility needs with professional interpreters and captionists – anytime, anywhere
  • Manage employee and client interpreting needs through a confidential and secure system
  • Protect sensitive or confidential data stored in Gridcheck with multi-level access

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