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Cisco SpeechView - subscription license

Cisco SpeechView - subscription license

Cisco SpeechView converts voice messages to text and delivers the text version of the voice message to your email inbox, allowing you to read your voice messages and take immediate action. The application is a feature of the Cisco Unity connection voice and integrated messaging solution, so the original audio version of each voice message remains available to you anywhere, anytime with Cisco Unity connection. Cisco SpeechView transcribes and sends voice messages within approximately 5 minutes of being left in your Cisco Unity connection voice mailbox - you do not need to learn any commands or take special action to receive text versions of your voice messages.

  • Learn who called and what they said at a glance
  • You do not need to dial in to retrieve messages, or take notes on the message content
  • You have nothing new to learn - your experience is the same as for regular voice, email, and text messages
  • Return calls by clicking on the caller's phone number shown in the SpeechView message
  • All data that is transmitted, processed, and stored is encrypted
  • Security measures are applied at the physical, network, and application layers that comply with ISO Certification and data protection and privacy protocols
  • User data is kept anonymous
  • Messages delivered in both audio and text formats allow you to decide the best way to manage them
  • View voice messages while in meetings or out of the office, speeding up decision making
  • Convert voice message retrieval downtime into message reading uptime
  • Prioritize and sort both voice and email messages from a single email inbox
  • Save time and work hands-free by sending a voice message instead of typing an email message

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