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People communicate in different ways, in different languages and with unique abilities.
Everyone has something to say. Everyone wants to be understood.
Your organization wants to listen, to help, and to understand…
Now you can.

That’s why TranslateLive created ILA.

ILA is the first language communication solution that allows people to easily and instantly have a real-time, natural back-and-forth conversation, no matter the language, disability, device or location. Using ILA App on their own devices or the All-In-One ILA Pro Device users can speak, spell out loud, or type, and the entire conversation is immediately communicated to the other party in their chosen language.


ILA The Instant Language Assistant

The dual sided ILA allows any two people to easily and instantly have a realtime, natural back and forth conversation no matter what language or method they use to communicate. Simply approach the device, or connect remotely via the web, choose your language/accent and start communicating. Customers can speak, spell out loud or type and results are immediately displayed and/or voiced to both people in their native language – preventing confusion and increasing sales potential.

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