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NetWell Noise Control

NetWell Noise Control

Minneapolis , MN


Acoustic Doors

NetWell Noise Control is proud to partner with one of the finest acoustical door manufacturers found anywhere in the world.As a recognized dealer of Krieger Doors, our clients are exposed to the highest quality in STC standards for soundproof doors. The doors featured here online boasts an STC value of 45.   

Our standard size door available for online purchase is 36" wide x 84" tall.All custom size doors, for new build or retrofit, are also available by faxing a Door Analysis Worksheet to 1-763-694-8909.

Curtitions Collapsible Sound Curtains

Curtitions are collapsible sound curtain systems designed to serve as a decorative, collapsible sound barrier curtain divider.   The VL-8 Sound Divider has an sound Transmission Classification (STC) of 40 and is designed for higher noise areas. Four layers of sound attenuation materials form sound blankets on each side of the steel frame. Each collapsible curtain is a full three layers of special composition vinyl with 1/2" of fiberglass. The outer covering (carpet, fabric or vinyl) is added to provide 10 full layers of sound deadening material plus a dead-air space in the center of the frame. Outer covering seams for these accordion style curtains are located in the most recessed spot on the hinge to be as unobtrusive as possible.

FireFlex Foam Soundproofing Panels

FireFlex are 2'x4' acoustic foam sound panels made from class A fire rated melamine foam.   Available in light gray or pure white, these foam panels are ideal for controlling excessive noise levels in public buildings including schools, churches, hospitals, office and more.   FireFlex is also an ideal sound panel treatment for loud excessive factory noise where high heat sources or open flames are in proximity to the noise.  FireFlex does not burn.

The panels are available in 2", 3" and 4" thicknesses.  Thicker panels are used to attack lower frequency noise.  As for coverage, call our help desk at 1-800-638-9355 to determine quantities appropriate for your project.

MelaMax Acoustic Foam Blocks

MelaMax SoundBlocks are thick 1' x 1' cubes of open cell class A fire rated melamine foam. These anechoic wedge panels are available in standard 6" or 8" thickness, and can be custom cut to any thickness for your anechoic foam treatment.   These acoustic foam panels are used for maximum sound absorption in anechoic chambers, dyno rooms, and also serve as bass traps in music room settings where soundproof foam absorbs low bass reverberations.

PyramidsPlus Soundproofing Panels

Pyramids Plus are 2'x2' square foam panels made of class A fire rated melamine foam.   The panels are availalbe in 2", 3" or 4" thickness.   The thicker the panel, the better your performance values at the low base frequency levels.   Ideal for controlling noise in schools, music rooms, churches, recording studios, and factories with high heat or open flame noise sources.   The panels have the Pyramid bevel in their design, which generates a seamless appearance as they are applied to your perimeter wall or ceiling surfaces.

VCuts Plus

VCuts Plus are acoustic foam tiles cut as 2'x2' squares of open cell class A fire rated melamine foam.    These acoustical panels are cut into the linear wedge pattern shown above. These sound panels are installed in a rotating pattern to create the foam panel parquet look on your wall for soundproofing a room.    Available in 2", 3" or 4" thicknesses, these acoustical foam tiles will absorb more bass noise with thicker material.   These VCuts Plus acoustical panels are available in white or gray.

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