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LS&S specializes in products for the blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing.


Superior Letter Writing Guide

This writing guide is made of durable plastic with 13 openings. This guide measures 8-1/2" x 11" and fits standard line spacing and is helpful for low vision individuals.

"Remote Finder" Universal Remote Control

Has "remote finder" transmitter that sends an RF signal up to 60 feat away when remote is misplaced

10 Digit Talking Calculator

This large talking calculator features a ten digit visual LCD display, adjustable volume, and the ability to speak results in full numbers or digits. The large high contrast buttons are good for low vision users. Also features a 12 or 24 hour selection, repeat key, and musical melody function. Calculator measures 6" x 4-1/2" x 1".

4 Color Set of Keyboard Stickers

This set of keyboard stickers contains 4 complete sets of low vision stickers, each in a different color combination. (White on Black; Black on White; Yellow on Black; Black on Yellow.) These stickers all feature bold print ideal for low vision individuals. This set allows a user to mix and match color combinations for optimal visibility.

5 Piece Hinged Writing Guide Kit

This complete set of writing guides includes a full page letter, business envelope, stationary, standard check, and greeting card guide. The hinged feature makes holding your paper in place easy while writing. This set is a perfect item for low vision users.

8 Digit Talking Calculator

This 8 digit talking calculator is great for low vision users and features an automatic power shutoff to conserve battery. Calculator measures 5" high and 6-7/8" wide.

Requires 2 AA batteries – not included. Includes 90 day manufacturer's warranty.

Big Button Phone with Answering Machine

Corded speakerphone has many useful features to recommend it to a low vision user. Phone has large buttons and an extra large, back lit tilt display for visual caller ID and call history display. A built in digital answering machine can save up to 25 minutes of recorded messages for easy retrieval. It also has receiver and ringer volume control, and is hearing aid compatible. Speakerphone has adjustable volume. Desk or wall mounting options.

Big Button, Visual Ringer, Braille Speakerphone White

Features: Volume control, visual ring indicator, 90dB variable tone ringer, braille augmented keypad, speakerphone, 13 number memory (with 3 emergency one touch keys), oversized buttons, last number redial, flash button, tone/pulse dialing, desk/wall use, 2 AA battery backup (battery not included), hearing aid compatible.

Blue Elite Needle Threader

This Blue Elite automatic needle threader will easily thread your needles for you. You insert the needle into the top of the free standing unit, lay the thread in the groove, press the lever, pull the thread through, remove the needle and voila! Your needle is threaded. Works with an assortment of needle sizes.

Braille Label Maker

This braille labeler is perfect for a blind person wanting to organize their belongings. This labeler has a tactile dial with Braille letter, as well as print letters so a sighted friend can help. The dial has the complete alphabet, as well as number signs, commonly used contractions, and punctuation marks.

Clarity® Big Button Braille Phone With Back Talk

This phone features jumbo size buttons with Braille characters that will announce the numbers as pushed for quick and correct dialing. You can use your own voice and language to record your own announcements for the number buttons, 10 memory buttons, and emergency buttons. This phone has an extra loud ringer, a bright visual ring indicator, and a hearing aid compatible 35 decibel handset with tone control for hard of hearing users. Phone is desk or wall mountable and includes an AC adapter.

Cordless LED Stand Magnifier - 3X

This portable and sturdy 8 inches x 10 inches 3X magnifier has 12 bright white LED's to simulate natural light and provide extra illumination for your reading. Nickel finish stand has an adjustable height for optimal positioning. Cordless illumination means there are no wires to trip over

Credit Card Size Signature Guide

This signature guide is made of durable plastic and is sized to fit a standard signature area. Low vision users will appreciate how portable and handy it is to have this signature guide in your pocket, pocketbook or wallet.

Easy Reader Reading Stand

Lightweight, folding reading stand has 10 adjustable reading positions. When closed and flat, use the clip to use like a clip board. When open and upright, it can support tablets, e-readers, heavy books, or single sheets of paper. Helps reduce neck tension and eye strain.

Extra Thick Signature Guide

This signature guide is made of extra heavyweight, thick plastic. This guide has a round hole in the corner for easy attachment to a key ring, which low vision, visually impaired and blind individuals on the go will appreciate.

Extra Wide Talking Bathroom Scale with Memory - 550 lb. Capacity

This extra capacity (550 pound capacity) talking bathroom scale has an extra wide 15 inch x 12 inch platform and can measure in pounds or kilograms. This scale also has non-speaking memory for 2 people and 30 measurements and auto shut-off when not in use. This scale is great for low vision users.

Hinged Business Envelope Guide

This hinged business envelope guide fits #10 envelopes, measuring 4.12" x 9.5". The hinge makes holding your envelope in place easier, which low vision users will appreciate.

Illuminated Big Button Remote Control

This remote control with extra-large buttons controls up to five devices, including TV, VCR, cable, satellite, and aux. The large characters are convenient for individuals with low vision. The simplified keypad layout and lighted buttons make this remote easy to use no matter how dark. All users will appreciate how simple to program this remote is. Remote measures 9.5" x 2.5" x 1.25" and weighs 7.5 ounces.

Requires 2 AA batteries – not included. Includes one year warranty.

iPad Bluetooth Keypad- Black on White Keys

Bluetooth enabled, low vision keypads are designed specifically for iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices. Nicely designed for the visually impaired.

Keypad dimensions: 11" x 5" x 1".

Jumbo Illuminated TV Remote Control

The Jumbo Illuminated Remote Control is great for seniors or people with low vision issues. Control up to four electronic units, including VCRs, DVD players, and cable or satellite services. Programming the remote is easy and its design lends itself to being held firmly without strain. The illuminated buttons can be seen no matter how dark.

Laptop Keyboard Stickers - White On Black

These keyboard stickers provide high contrast to make keys easier to read for low vision individuals. These stickers are white text on a black background and work with most laptop keyboards.

LED Cordless Stand Magnifier 8" x 10", 3X

This portable and sturdy 8 inches x 10 inches 3X magnifier has 12 bright white LED's to simulate natural light and provide extra illumination for your reading. Nickel finish stand has an adjustable height for optimal positioning. Cordless illumination means there are no wires to trip over! 

LED Full Page 3X Magnifier Floor Lamp

This full page magnifier on a floor stand has 12 cool-touch LED bulbs to simulate natural daylight without any harsh glare, reducing eyestrain and headaches. The 3X Fresnel magnifier measures 8" x 10" to give you a large reading area for lots of different reading materials. Total height is 57", but has a 40" height when the gooseneck is at a 90 degree angle.

Low Vision Calculator

This large, yet portable, low vision 8 digit calculator measures 6 inches by 8 inches and has nice large 5/8 inch square buttons. Digits on the display measure 5/8 inch high. Display can angle up or down for best positioning.

Magnisight Explorer HD 19"

Expect the best from the Explorer HD CCTV Video Magnifier! Magnisight's Explorer HD set a high bar with its solid design and craftsmanship. The Explorer HD not only has automatic focus and full color mode, but black and white and reverse mode, for further ease of use for low vision users.

Explorer HD optimizes image quality by producing a crisp, clear display. The Explorer HD has clearly readable lower magnification starting at 2x. Displayed images have vivid, realistic colors. The highest resolution quality available displays sharp, high contrast text. The Explorer HD's high definition capabilities are far superior to a standard definition image.

Because of its sharper image providing a wider field of view, many users are able to read at a smaller size. The Explorer HD requires less movement of the X/Y reading table. Get more realistic color and details when looking at photos because of the Explorer HD's wider field of view. The Explorer HD a great choice for an easy to use high definition widescreen LCD video magnifier.

Master Lock Speed Dial Set Your Own Combination Lock

This Master Lock with speed dial enables you to set your own combination based on directional movements instead of the traditional rotary style. Move the lock button/dial left, right, up and down and it is faster to use than traditional locks.

Mezzo High Definition Electronic Magnifier

With its sleek design, available with a 16" rotatable screen (please specify,) and full HD high definition Vario camera. The Mezzo Vario is an excellent choice for people who want the highest quality reading experience in a nice, small package. It offers a full screen, desk top reading experience with true portability. The 13.5 pound unit folds flat for transport, and its rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours of plug-free operation. The full HD Vario camera has the sharpest resolution of any camera on the market and has tremendous depth of field, with virtually no pixilation or flickering. Continuous magnification ranges from 0.9X – 100X. A great unit for those who demand more from their CCTV than just reading. Includes carrying case.

Mezzo Vario Portable Reading System

With its sleek design, 19" rotatable screen, and full HD high definition Vario camera, the Mezzo Vario is an excellent choice for people who want the highest quality reading experience in a nice, small package. It offers a full screen, desk top reading experience with true portability. The 13.5 pound unit folds flat for transport, and its rechargeable battery offers up to 2 hours of plug-free operation. The full HD Vario camera has the sharpest resolution of any camera on the market and has tremendous depth of field, with virtually no pixilation or flickering. Continuous magnification ranges from 0.9X – 100X. A great unit for those who demand more from their CCTV than just reading. Includes carrying case.

Nady Personal FM System Receiver

An additional receiver for the Nady Personal FM System (model 781011). Allows multiple people to listen to the speaker or instructor that is broadcasting through the Nady Personal FM System.

Paper Money Brailler

With this Brailler, visually impaired or blind users can have braille added to their paper currency. This device labels $1, $5, $10, and $50 bills. Measures 3" x 1-1/2" and comes with a keychain attachment.

Phoenix Talking Scale

The Phoenix talking scale has an extra-large, sturdy platform and uses strain gauge technology for extreme accuracy and precision. The scale speaks in a clear, unaccented American English voice, which can be turned on and off. The Phoenix scale is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight or low vision.

Photo Phone Amplified Phone 20dB Corded

Nine easily recognizable photo-dial buttons make dialing easy and fun. Volume control, bright visual ring indicator. Large, High-contrast buttons for easy dialing. Hold, redial, flash and mute buttons.

Pre-Threaded Sewing Needles

These pre-threaded needles are great for low vision individuals who struggle with threading needles. 10 pre-threaded needles come in different colors for different projects.

Reversible Prism Glasses

These right angle prism glasses have two settings to help people confined to one position for a long period of time. In one setting, a person can lie down on a bed, and easily view the television without lifting their head. Change the prism setting, and a standing person who is unable to lift their head can see straight in front of them.

Changing the setting requires removing a small hand screw and resetting.

Scissors With Magnifier

These 4" long scissors have a removable 5X magnifier for low vision users when working on precision based tasks.

Serene® CL-30 Big Button Cordless Phone With Talking Caller ID

The Serene® CL-30 offers fantastic features for both the hard of hearing as well as the visually impaired. Hearing features include amplification up to 40dB, High definition sound technology for unmatched voice clarity, Digital Tone Enhancement, a super loud ringer and 2 visual ring flashers. For the visually impaired, the phone offers large back-lit buttons, talking caller ID, and a talking keypad for verbal reinforcement of the numbers being dialed.

Sony ICD BX140 Digital Voice Recorderecorder

This audio recorder is so easy to use that most users do not need to refer to the instruction manual. After putting in the included batteries for the first time, set the time and date and this device will be ready to use. This unit copes well with all noise, even background sound, and there is no hissing or rumbling often associated with single microphone units. A headphone socket lets you listen to your audio without disturbing others. Smaller than most cellphones, this unit weighs just a few ounces and has 4GB of memory. This recorder is easy to use, carry, and understand—a great buy for individuals with low vision.

Technical Specifications:

  • Built-in 4GB flash memory
  • Records in MP3 (320 kbps-8 kbps
  • Over 4000 Hours of Maximum Recording Time
  • Up to 45 Hours of battery life (recording)

Other features:

  • 5 folders for easy file management
  • Backlit display
  • Separate earphone and microphone jacks
  • Digital Pitch control to allow the file to be played at a faster speed without changing the pitch
  • Dictation correction to allow for overwriting parts of an original recording with a replacement recording 
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)


Boosts teacher's voice in classroom and small groups while minimizing background noise, reverberation and distance.

Teacher wears a compact T16FM transmitter and microphone. The R800 reciever and SPK 800 speaker plays the teacher's signal (or auxiliary input from VCR, tpe players...) for the entire class to hear. Operates over a 100'-150' distance. A single R800 can drive up to 3 SPK 800 speakers. Use addtional speakers and recievers for large classrooms. Operates 10 hours on rechargeable betteries.

Spanish Talking Kitchen Scale

The Talking Kitchen Scale provides high quality, accuracy, and spoken results with easy to understand natural speech output, great for low vision users in the kitchen. Measures from .2 ounces to 11 pounds in increments of .1 ounces. The LED display also shows the weight and features an automatic shut off.

Syringe Magnifier

The Syringe magnifier provides 2X magnification which gives easier calibration readings for 1 cc. and 1/2 cc. insulin syringes. The magnifier clips firmly to the syringe barrel. The Syringe Magnifier is a wonderful aid for the visually impaired, and helps avoid dosage errors.


Tactile Marking Liquid

Just apply this paint directly from its tube applicator onto almost anything, paper, wood, cloth, metal, etc. Squeeze the tube and the resulting bright fluorescent orange, 3 dimensional raised markings form easily identifiable tactile symbols. Dries in approximately two hours depending on surface and thickness of marks. Six 1.25 ounce tubes. Set of 6 colors (yellow, green, red, blue, black and orange)


Tactile Measuring Tape

This tape measures sixty inches (Five feet) and is 5/8" wide. It has plastic coated fabric to reduce wear and tear. The measuring tape has different tactile marks for ½", 1" and 1 foot increments. Small eyelets are used for ½", larger ones for 1", and 2 eyelets used for each foot.

Tactile World Map - 11 X 17

Tactile maps are great learning aids for visually impaired or Braille literate students. These maps feature tactile outlining that allows users to feel the shape of the continents, countries, or states, and Braille labels that allow them to identify each. 


Talking Blood pressure Meter, Wrist Style

This wrist worn talking blood pressure meter makes monitoring blood pressure extremely easy for individuals with low vision. This meter will announce your systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as mean arterial pressure and pulse rate. Measurements are verbally compared to guidelines from the World Health Organization. This meter can store up to 60 memory readings with time and date stamps from 2 different users. Features volume control, mute, and repeat. 2 AAA batteries are included.

Talking Digital Oral Thermometer

Talking oral thermometer has last memory recall and a peak temperature sound. Verbal repeat speaks the last temperature reading. Operates in Fahrenheit or Celsius and can speak in English or Spanish. 

Talking Jumbo Low Vision Calculator

This Extra Large Talking Calculator is perfect for anyone with low vision issues. With large, high contrast keys, users can easily find the digit they are looking for and a speaker on the front clearly announces numbers. Also, the LCD screen features big, bold numbers. This calculator is as big as a sheet of paper, so you will not have to worry about losing it.

Talking Kitchen Scale Vox3000

This stylish talking kitchen scale uses strain gauge technology for extreme accuracy and precision. Results are announced in ounces or grams with a max capacity of 6.6 pounds. The spoken voice can be turned off and the scale can be operated with or without the removable bowl.

Talking Label Wand

The Talking Label Wand allows you to record your own talking labels for items at home, school, or work. Place a sticky label on an item and record your message to identify that item. Touch the label with the wand to play back the message. The Talking Label Wand is a great way for low vision users to identify their things. This product comes with 232 mixed sized tactile labels that can be re-recorded over and over. The wand's 2GB of removable memory for storage and backup is upgradable. This unit feature five distinct volume settins and a 2.5mm headphone jack.

Talking Thermometer - Spanish

This Spanish Talking Thermometer features LCD and audio announcement for low vision users. This temperature works for oral, rectal, or underarm use and responds quickly to your body temperature. Accuracy: (0.2°F, 0.1°C).

Ultratec Uniphone 1140 TTY

The Ultratech Uniphone 1140 is an amplified telephone, VCO, and TTY all in one. This device has 8K memory for storing TTY conversations and a display with backlight. Users can personalize a greeting message. Also includes a built-in ring flasher for incoming calls, amplified handset, and ten speed number dialing. This device is also hearing aid compatible.

  • 10 speed dial numbers
  • 3 emergency identification dial keys
  • Voice Carry Over (VCO) request key "VCO PLS GA"
  • User programmable auto-answer
  • Printer port to connect an external printer
  • Display with backlight
  • 8K memory to review conversations
  • Personalized greeting message
  • Built-in ring flasher indicates incoming calls
  • Programmable auto-answer greeting
  • Calling features: Auto-Busy Redial, Last Number Redial

VisionBoard KeyBoard

The VisionBoard 2 is great for people who find it painful or difficult to use a traditional keyboard, making it a good addition to places such as assistive living communities, manufacturing facilities, special education institutions, adult daycares, and home use. This low vision keyboard helps with readability and reduces eyestrain, featuring large 1" square keys and large, bold black-on-white letters and numbers

Voice Dialer Phone

Enjoy truly hands-free calling with this voice activated speakerphone. Phone can answer or make a call using just the user's voice. To initiate a call, simply say "Please call." To pick up a call, say "Answer call." Phone can store up to 17 names for voice activated dialing. Voice activation is user-specific.

Other very helpful features include a talking keypad for verbal feedback of numbers pushed and talking identification of incoming numbers. Phone also has a bright red, dedicated 911 button for programming an emergency call number. Adjustable handset volume (3 levels), ringer volume (2 levels plus Off), and a visual ring indicator complete this handy package!

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