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UbiDuo 3 TTS 1

UbiDuo 3 TTS 1


The UbiDuo 3 TTS-1 adds a voice to sComm’s signature real-time split-screen communication solution, along with the new enhanced built-in speaker and voice technology. This feature not only benefits those who are blind or visually challenged, but also when there is a group of hearing people allowing them to listen simultaneously.

  • Specifications

    • Standard wireless network connection - 2.4GHz wireless transceiver, capable of maintaining a connection at up to 300 feet between units.
    • ARM Cortex A5 CPU - speedier processor makes the UbiDuo 3 more responsive and snappy.
    • 1Gbit DDR2 RAM - provides more work area for the UbiOS 2 operating software to do its magic.
    • 4GB total storage - gives you the ability to retain and store long conversations, as well as more of them.
    • 7-inch diagonal color LCD capacitive touch screen - Capacitive touch means the screen is just as responsive as your phone or tablet.
    • 8-hour lithium-polymer battery pack - carry on long conversations without worrying about whether your battery might run out of juice in the middle of a sentence.
    • 3.5-pound total weight (1.75 lbs per half) - easily take your UbiDuo 3 wherever life takes you.
    • USB-C port for charging - standard ports and cables make it less likely that you’ll be left with an empty battery and no way to charge it.
    • USB type A port for connecting flash storage - save your conversations on a thumb drive if desired.
    • Mini-HDMI port for connecting a TV or projector - great for classes, demonstrations, any situation where you might need to share your conversation with an audience.
    • Patented finger loop hinge technology - keeps your UbiDuo 3 halves securely connected or lets you to easily pull them apart as needed.
    • Anti-theft slots in each half - great for public environments where your communication devices need to be anchored.
    • Internal speaker for text-to-speech applications - improved speaker for ad-hoc text-to-speech applications.
    • 3.5mm audio jack - connect your UbiDuo’s text-to-speech function to external speakers or a sound system.
    • UbiOS 2 - the next generation of the UbiDuo operating system.
    • Real-time split screen interface.
    • Customizable fonts (12-point to 72-point).
    • Customizable text and background colors.
    • Improved text-to-speech software – improved voice generation options to provide a more realistic human sound.

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