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Universal Design (UD) features can help employers attract and maintain a diverse workforce that includes workers with disabilities. UD features are integrated into devices, environments, processes, and systems to make them useable to a broad range of people.


Did you miss the JAN webcast "Accommodation Solutions: Respiratory Conditions, Allergies, & Fragrance Sensitivity." JAN's Sensory Team shared a three-pronged approach for exploring accommodations to help employees breathe easier this winter and beyond. View the webcast


May accommodations be requested for employment testing? Yes! Depending on the type of test & its purpose, it might be possible to use an alternative testing method when necessary and reasonable. Read "Employment Testing & the ADA."


What can an employer do when an employee with a disability asks to be excused from talking on the telephone because the stress or anxiety exacerbates their health condition? JAN offers accommodation strategies to consider! #accommodation


Rehabilitation Act at 50: Advancing Access & Equity for People with Disabilities—Section 504


This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 – key legislation protecting the civil rights of people with disabilities. The Act is often spoken of in terms of various sections, and this video from the U.S. Department of Labor explores one of them: Section 504.


Accommodation process points of view are unique to each individual and their role in the process. View the JAN webcast "The Way I See It: Accommodation Process Perspectives from Different Points of View" to learn varying perspectives.


JAN Role-Play Training Series: Telework as an Accommodation


Employees with disabilities who never requested accommodations prior to teleworking may realize benefits from working at home that enhance productivity. This JAN video demonstrates how a telework accommodation request might be processed. #ADA


Telework continues to be a leading accommodation topic. JAN offers resources that include practical strategies for processing ADA telework accommodation requests, including the "Telework Accommodation Request Flowchart." #ADA #accommodation


Solution Showcase: Timers


A timer can be an effective tool for monitoring the use of time and guiding the completion of work tasks. JAN's video "Solution Showcase: Timers" highlights using a timer as an accommodation.


Solution Showcase: Simulated Skylights


A lack of natural light in the work environment can cause executive functioning deficits for some people. JAN's "Solution Showcase: Simulated Skylights" shows how simulated skylights might help.


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