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Liberty Health Supply, LLC.

Liberty Health Supply, LLC.

28045 Ashley Circle
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Libertyville, IL 60048


LIBERTY Health Supply is an online distributor and retailer of dependable solutions to protect, assist, and enhance the lives of individuals seeking to lead an active, independent lifestyle.


Clarity Ensemble Amplified Captioning Telephone

The improved Ensemble captioning phone offers a 50dB amplified phone combined with a large 8" color touchscreen for captioned conversations, providing an excellent solution for individuals with hearing loss and low vision. Captions are provided free-of-charge to the user via ClearCaptions (FCC certified.) Captioned conversations can be saved for later reference and their display can be managed with different font and contrast settings.

Clarity Model E814 - Amplified Corded Telephone with Answering Machine

With its 40dB of amplifications, bright easy to read LCD screen, and easy to use big buttons the Clarity E814 Amplified Corded Telephone w/ Digital Answering Machine combines simplicity with modern design.

Geemarc Ampli455

The Geemarc AMPLI455 corded telephone amplifies your telephone conversations by up to 40dB, and features a talking caller ID, large display and a speakerphone making calling and answering phone calls easier.

Geemarc Model AMPLI550

Large talking number buttons and nine memory dial buttons make dialing a breeze on the Geemarc AMPLI550 52 decibel (dB) amplified phone. Simply program all of your important numbers into the phone for one-touch dialing. Customize sound on the AMPLI550 to meet your hearing needs. Standard volume control offers a 30dB gain. Press the "AMPLI" button for up to 52dB of crystal clear amplification. Talking Caller ID with large LCD display stores up to 99 incoming names and numbers with date-time stamp for each call.

Hamilton CapTel 2400i - Large Display, Touch Screen Captioning Telephone

Telephone calls can be challenging for people with hearing loss. The new CapTel 2400i makes it easy to enjoy phone conversations, confident you'll catch every word.

  • Shows word-for-word captions during your calls
  • Large easy touch-screen display
  • Powerful amplification up to 40dB
  • Traditional telephone keypad for comfortable, familiar dialing
  • Captions appear on all calls - incoming and outgoing. No need for callers to dial through the Captioning Service.
  • Wi-Fi compatible to position anywhere within your wireless network range
  • Captions can be turned on or off at any time in a call.
  • Built in answering machine records voice and captions of your messages.
  • Large, colorful tablet-style display with easy touch- screen control.
  • Display screen tilts for comfortable reading or lies flat to mount the phone on a wall.
  • Standard telephone keypad buttons for familiar, comfortable dialing.
  • Powerful amplification. Up to 40dB gain - increases volume over handset.
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors for easy reading of captions.
  • Dial-by-picture capability to simplify dialing.
  • Easy-to-follow menu system with Yes/No questions.
  • Phone Book allows you to easily store and dial more than 95 names/phone numbers.
  • Speed dial keys for one-touch dialing of frequently called numbers.
  • Caller-ID capable - shows you who is calling directly on display screen.
  • Captions available on calls within the United States only.
  • Captions available in English or Spanish.

Hamilton CapTel 840i Real-Time Closed Captioned Telephone

Simple and easy, the Hamilton CapTel 840i Telephone works just like any other telephone with one important addition: it displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel users can listen to the caller while reading the written captions on the CapTel Phone's bright display window. Internet connection is required for captioning service to operate.

  • Wireless Internet capability the 840i works with WiFi connections as well as wired / Ethernet connections
  • Offers up to 40 dB of amplification
  • Captions can be turned on/off as needed
  • Callers can dial your number directly
  • Built-in answering machine with captioned playback of up to 100 recorded messages
  • Adjustable font sizes and colors extra large font for easier reading
  • Large 7" backlit, graphical LCD color display screen with greater resolution 
  • Traditional buttons for navigation of on-screen menus
  • Tone control
  • Adjustable ringer and phone volume controls
  • Phonebook can store up to 97 numbers
  • Equipped with 3.5mm neckloop & 2.5mm headset jacks
  • Greater security all captions are now AES encrypted

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