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HARC Mercantile, Inc.

HARC Mercantile, Inc.

5413 S. Westnedge Ave.
Suite A
Portage, MI 49002


It is the goal of HARC Mercantile Ltd. to proactively serve the public by developing and maintaining a quality, service oriented organization that will continue to be a leader in the hearing health care industry, providing hearing amplification, assistive communications products, and accessibility solutions through our Accessolutions product line.


Comfort Contego Listening System with Headphones

The perfect wireless communication system for the hard of hearing. Sound is picked up by the transmitter and sent to the receiver for improved hearing in noisy situations. The receiver may be used alone as a personal listener by activating the built-in microphone. Both the transmitter and receiver microphones operate in omni-directional or directional mode for use in a wide range of settings.

The transmission is a digital, coded radio signal. The transmitter and receiver are paired, making the signal between them very secure and almost impossible to intercept. There is an easy to use menu display on both the transmitter and receiver. The receiver controls the volume of both the transmitter and receiver microphones.

At work, the Contego helps in most situations. At meetings with more than one person, place the transmitter on the desk in omni-directional mode to pick up voices all around. In meetings where there is a main speaker, use the transmitter for the other speaker and put the receiver microphone on omni-directional to pick up voices around you. The security of Contego makes it almost impossible to intercept the signal.

Panasonic Amplified Cordless Telephone with Digital Answering Machine KX-TGM450S

The Panasonic KX-TGM450S with Volume Boost control for amplified caller voice volume up to 50 dB, plus six-level voice Tone Settings and a loud base unit Ringer. Understand more clearly with Slow Talk to slow the speed of speech in real time and when checking voice messages. Big white backlit LCD, enlarged Memory Dial Buttons plus bright red LED visual ringers on base unit and handset enhance visibility and calling convenience . Hear calls from noisy places with Noise Reduction to suppress background noise interference for clearer, more comfortable conversation . Includes Power Backup, Talking Caller ID, Talking Keypad and Phonebook, 9 Speed Dials, 250-number Call Block.

  • Brushed Silver Finish Base Unit and Handset
  • Add up to 5 additional Handsets(Optional)
  • 6-Level and Custom Voice Tone Settings
  • Voice Volume Booster to 50 dB
  • Speech Booster
  • Slow Talk Control
  • Ringer Volume up to 112 dB
  • 15 Ring Tone Settings
  • Ringer Off Key
  • Noise Reduction
  • Battery Power Backup
  • 13 Hours Talk Time
  • 9 Days Standby Time
  • Talking Caller ID (English and Spanish)
  • Talking Keypad and Phonebook
  • White Backlit LCD on Handset
  • Speakerphone
  • Call Waiting and Intercom
  • 250 Call Block Database
  • 17 Minutes Voice Messaging
  • Bright Red LED Visual Ringer

Super Ear Sound Enhancer

Personal, lightweight portable sound amplifier for the slightly hard of hearing.
Amplifies sound approximately 57dB.
Range is up to 100 feet.
Headphones and AAA battery included. One year warranty

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