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Signature Series Electronic Stethoscope

Signature Series Electronic Stethoscope

The Signature Series Electronic Stethoscope captures sounds typically difficult to identify in standard stethoscopes. It is equipped with a built-in computer chip which eliminates aphonic and resonance effects for enhanced audibility, and audio frequency can be divided into 3 selective modes: Standard Bell, Diaphragm and Extended Diaphragm. The electronic amplifying system offers 8 different volume levels and the Signature Series Electronic Stethoscope automatically starts with the last used sound collection and volume mode. This is a great electronic stethoscope for the hearing impaired or for anyone who wants an amplified stethoscope that lets you hear loud and clear.

This black adult electronic stethoscope features auto shut-off after two minutes to save battery life, ensures ear comfort with an innovative adjustable binaural degree control and measures 25 inches in length. Includes 3 LR44 mercury batteries; 3-Year Limited Warranty; Latex Free

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