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Thunderplugs Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Thunderplugs Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Thunderplugs ear plugs are designed for music festivals and concerts, by serious music lovers who know all-too-well what can happen without proper protection from hazardously loud noise. Dance music and live music can take their toll. By age 15, Amsterdam musician Quinten Huigen had already developed permanent tinnitus thanks to years of enjoying loud, live music without hearing protection. Along with Koen Brouwer, Huigen created Safe Ears Thunderplugs to prevent others from meeting the same fate.

Thunderplugs filter out enough sound to make live music (and other loud music events) safe enough to prevent hearing damage, but without enough noise blocking to distort the sound. By using Thunderplugs at concerts, during band practice, and at music festivals, you can prevent the hearing damage that could lead to the persistent tinnitus Huigen and millions of others must deal with on a daily basis. Noise-induced hearing damage is, unfortunately, permanent.

Today, the Thunderplugs design is both cool and functional. The triple flange design forms a good acoustic seal in your ears. A simple push-in motion is all it takes to get these ear plugs seated properly in your ear canals. The small finger tab on each ear plug enables quick and easy removal, an innovative improvement that contributed to Thunderplugs winning the 2013 Netherlands Student Entrepreneur Award. An aluminum carry case is also included, and this rugged key chain case is the perfect way to store your Thunderplugs in between shows or on the way to practice.

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