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The Invisible Clock II

The Invisible Clock II

The Invisible Clock II is our newest timer. It is one of the most versatile timers on the market with five powerful timing features, including the ability to beep or to silently vibrate. If you have a timing need, chances are good the Invisible Clock II will meet it. Set up to 12 daily alarms to beep or silently vibrate at various times during the day. Once set, these alarms signal each day at the same time. Auto button protection prevents accidental erasure of alarms. The countdown timer can be set to alert once or to repeat itself, silently vibrating or beeping at any interval you choose for as long as you like. Set it for a countdown as low as 3 seconds, or as high as 999 hours. Saves the last time you used. Set the custom timer for any countdown time from 3 seconds to 60 minutes, and set up to 6 unique alerts to signal anywhere within the countdown time. Set for a single countdown, to repeat over and over, or to count-up after countdown completes. The meeting timer silently vibrates at the halfway point, again five minutes before time's up, and at time's up, for any time of meeting (each vibration is distinct so you know exactly where you are along the way) it then automatically resets for the next meeting. Also includes a stopwatch, toggle switch to set alert to vibration/off/beep, adjustable vibration intensity, adjustable beep volume and number, quick-release garment clip, auto button lock prevents accidental cancelations, Auto daylight savings time adjustment, uses one AAA battery (not included) that will last 10 - 12 months, settings saved while changing batteries. Measures: 1/2 x 1-1/2 x 2-1/8. Beep volume is very soft on low and VERY loud on high. Vibration intensity is very soft and quiet on low, to quite strong on high (both also have a medium level). Use for: meetings, talks and presentations, therapist sessions (psychotherapists, personal trainers, body workers, etc.), meditation, medication reminders, building new habits and practicing affirmations, or as a memory aid (great for people with ADD and ADHD). Works as a silent alarm clock - wake up without waking your partner Includes 1-year manufacturer's guarantee.

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