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Digi-Loop is definitely state-of-the-art – the first of its kind to maximize modern amplifier technology. Its network-control capability provides seamless, remote system set-up, operation and monitoring via laptop or tablet. DSP audio processing offers flexible, powerful software control of mixing, equalization, compression and more.  Powerful Class D, pulse-width amplifiers maximize efficiency.    
The Digi-Loop’s amplifier design offers either single or dual 9.5 A rms loop outputs for perimeter loop(s), single array(s), dual loop, or phased-array configuration. A 70-100 V input provides connection to a distributed speaker/paging system, ensuring announcements are heard by loop users.

  • Network control - allows control and calibration of unit remotely with application software
  • High continuous current 9.5 Arms (13.4 Apk) per output continuous
  • LCD Screen with VU metering, easy one-button menu control
  • DSP Audio Processing
  • USB for firmware updates
  • Input mixing, parametric equalization, compression, metal compensation, high and low-pass filters, AGC and audio delay
  • Power-save mode
  • Adjustable output delay for multiple amps in large venues
  • Fault warning and active protection against shorted or open circuits and overheating
  • Loop fault relay output
  • XLR and 3-position terminal block input configurable as microphone input or line-input, balanced or unbalanced.
  • Standard 1 RU, 19” rackmount
  • Magnetic signal couples directly to devices equipped with telecoils (T-coils) such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, or optional loop receivers.
  • DL207 suitable for phased-array or dual-loop systems; DL107 suitable for perimeter loop or single array.
  • Phased-array mode automatically produces 90° phase shift in slave loop output
  • Meets IEC Specification 60118-4 (when designed and commissioned properly)
  • Tested to IEC Specifications 62489-1 Benchmark Standards
  • Meets ADA / ADAAG guidelines.

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