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Teltex, Inc.

Teltex, Inc.

1081 West Innovation Drive
Kearney, MO 64060


Teltex is the #1 provider of communication solutions for people with disabilities. We carry a wide variety of assistive equipment, ranging from amplified phones to alert systems to iOS devices and much, much more. Additionally we provide support before, during, and after your purchase, answering any questions you may have.


Amplicom PowerTel 720 Twin

PowerTel 720 Cordless Phone w/Answering Machine and 1 additional satellite handset

  • Hearing Aid Compatible – TIA 1083 Compliant
  • Fidelity Sound and low distortion when amplified
  • Expandable to max. 4 cordless handsets per base unit
  • Adjustable volume controls with BOOST
  • 2 buttons to personalize volume/tone/boost
  • 3 sped dial Memory buttons
  • Adjustable hands free speakerphone
  • Caller ID Announce and talkback buttons with missed call and phonebook review feature
  • Flashing bright white LED visual ringer
  • Full function remote access to Answer Machine including with payback and record
  • Clock and alarm function
  • Up to 100 hours charge in standby mode
  • Up to 11 hours charge for talk time

Clarity D702HS

The Clarity® D702HS™ is an additional handset for expanding the D700 Series of Clarity phones (D702, D712) around your home.

  • 30 dB of Clarity Power amplification
  • DECT 6.0 technology
  • Adjustable tone control
  • Easy-to-read Caller ID display
  • Extra large backlit buttons
  • Handset speakerphone
  • Belt clip and 2.5 mm headset jack
  • Hearing aid compatible

Clarity D712

The next generation of the #1 selling line of big button amplified cordless phones. The Clarity® D712™ combines hearing, vision and mobility solutions into one great value.

The Clarity® D712™ amplified/low vision cordless phone with answering machine amplifies incoming sound up to 30 decibels.

The D712™ offers a vision solution featuring the largest keypad of any cordless phone, high contrast numbers, a backlit keypad that is easy to see at night, bright visual ringer and a large font CID display.

The D712™ uses patented Clarity Power™ technology making hearing easy again by eliminating feedback and distortion, minimizing background noises while managing soft and loud sounds to produce Clarity.

For convenience, the D712™ offers a digital answering machine where messages can be listened to through the handset or speakerphone at up to 30 dB, plus it allows for up to five (5) handsets (model D702HS).

ClearSounds A500E

The ClearSounds® A400E offers crystal clear sound quality and interference-free transmission in well-designed, user friendly package. The large screen and high contrast display makes it easy to see and the Talking Caller ID feature ensures you know who is calling. The talking key pad eliminates frustrating mis-dials and the talking phonebook adds a new level of convenience.

Use up to 4 additional handsets for a complete system.
This power-packed phone lets you set both the volume and the tone to meet your specific need so you hear every call clearly so you can relax and enjoy the conversation rather than strain to catch every word.

  • Up to 40 dB adjustable amplification
  • Adjustable tone control clarifies sound, making words easy to understand
  • Full duplex speakerphone in handset with adjustable amplification
  • 6-level ringer volume control and 10 ring tones
  • Bright visual ringer and vibrating handset

ClearSounds ClearLink CL003

Want to experience the freedom of hands-free communication on your cellular or home phone?  Distracted by background noise and/or experiencing feedback between your handset and hearing aid or cochlear implant processor? If so, ClearLink is the solution.  ClearLink works with a variety of cellular, cordless and corded telephones equipped with a standard 2.5 mm telephone headset jack.

This option lets you hear in both ears, giving you better comprehension so you don't have to strain to hear. Just plug the ClearLink into your device of choice and position the silhouette along side your hearing aid or cochlear implant processor and insert the earbud.  Simply switch the hearing instrument to "T" or "MT" position to activate the telecoil and adjust the device's volume and hear what speech and sound should really be like.

With the additional purchase of the ClearLink CL004 Audio Adapter your ClearLink is now compatible with most audio devices such as MP3 & CD players, iPods and radios to provide sound clarity and flexibility.

  • Hands-free operation
  • Connects to a standard 2.5 mm hands-free jack
  • Built in microphone
  • Strong, clear signal
  • No batteries required
  • Total length 36" (24" from plug to microphone)
  • 90-day warranty

NOTE: Cellular phone must have standard 2.5 mm jack. (Special adapters available for cellular phones with non-standard jacks?through your cellular phone manufacturers.)

Geemarc T-Loop Personal Amplifier

The Geemarc T-Loop is an amplified neckloop designed to work with T-coil in the hearing aids. Providing a 30 dB gain in amplification while maintaining a clear and crisp sound when talking on the phone.

  • Amplifies up to 30 dB
  • Connects to cell and home phones with 2.5 audio port
  • 3.5 audio converter included for MP3, CD player, etc.
  • 2 AAA batteries required
  • 1 year manufactures warranty

Krown Braille TTY

To aid the Deaf-Blind in having a conversation over the telephone, Krown Manufacturing Inc. has developed a new Krown Braille-TTY telephone. This device allows the user to communicate with a Relay Operator, another TDD, or even a Braille-TTY user in the United States and all over the world. The conversation is displayed on the Braille display from the ALVA Braille Terminal. The Braille display has a 23-cell, 8 dot Braille Navigator. The ALVA display can be used as a computer navigator with software and cable included. The TDD machine comes with Auto answer, 9 speed dial memory numbers, and 4 programmable memory buffers with up to 8000 characters to hold greetings, preset messages and conversations. The durable rechargeable battery of the TDD will last for 6 hours of use without interruptions and is easily rechargeable after plugging in the DC adapter overnight.

My TTY 3.0 TTY Software

Deaf people and others who cannot hear or speak over the telephone use equipment called a teletypewriter (TTY) instead. TTYs allow individuals to type back and forth to each other. TTYs use a code called Baudot to transmit signals over telephone lines, unlike computers, which use ASCII.

Most TTYs cost $250-$600. They frequently break down, encounter transmission difficulties due to incompatibility with other equipment, and need recalibration from time to time. They take up counter or desk space, and (stay calm guys!) need to be dusted.

myTTY 3.0 is software that lets your computer act like a TTY. It allows you to make and receive calls from TTYs and other computers that have TTY software.

myTTY 3.0 enables you to:

  • Communicate with TTYs without the expense of buying one.
  • Communicate with deaf friends, family members, employees, and customers.
  • Communicate with relay services.

Legal Requirements:
The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires businesses with 15 or more employees to be accessible to persons with disabilities, including those who are deaf. This means that these businesses' telephones must be accessible to deaf people as well.


  • Alerts to incoming calls
  • Audio signals (e.g., ringing, busy) are displayed
  • Answering machine
  • Caller ID
  • Telephone book
  • Audio messages for voice callers
  • Audio detection of optimal voice modem
  • Disconnect detection
  • Automatic relay dialing
  • Save conversation
  • Copy and paste text
  • Printer support
  • Automatic line noise suppression
  • Online help documents
  • "Ungarble" capabilities
  • Customize font, color, size of letters, and background

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 98SE
  • 32 MB memory
  • TAPI-compliant voice modem
  • Pentium processor or equivalent
  • CD-ROM drive

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