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Almost immediately after its inception, Rear View Safety gained major market share forcing the backup camera industry to lower their prices.This drop in cost to consumers accelerated sales of backup safety systems and brought increased safety to roads nationwide.

Touted as the best and most cost efficient backup camera provider, Rear View Safety has greatly aided in reducing vehicle accidents and prides themselves with having the highest quality of customer care in the entire industry. In doing so, we have the industry expertise to answer any question you may have regarding selecting the best backup camera system for your vehicle needs, general installation information, customization options, and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Since servicing some of the largest companies in the world, Rear View Safety has become the fastest growing commercial backup camera system supplier on the market. Not just a reliable supplier of backup camera systems, Rear View Safety also provides a wide variety of other safety solutions, including driver fatigue systems, backup sensor systems, mobile DVR's and dash cameras.


360+ Bird's Eye View Camera System

Most 360 systems help just for parking and tight driving situations. Our new 360+ helps with lane changing and highway driving as well! A bird's eye view around your vehicle is great, but the view is limited to just a couple of feet. The optional side cameras greatly increase your view, allowing for easy lane changes and completely eliminating side blind spots. Customize your system with the item options.

  • Provides bird's eye view of all blind spots
  • 4 VGA (800 x 480) IP69K cameras
  • Add lane changing side cameras in item options
  • 195° ultra-wide fish-eye cameras
  • Connects to any monitor
  • Price $849.99 - $1324.99

Backup Sensor Reversing System

The RVS-112 Vehicle Reversing Aid is an automatic backup alert system that warns drivers of potential obstacles behind their vehicle - up to 7ft away!

  • A 4 zone variable audio pulse alerts the driver of potential obstacles. The audio pulse intensity increases and the audio frequency changes as the vehicle backs closer to the obstacle.
  • Sensors are Acoustic, Flush mount, and weatherproof.
  • Detecting Angles: Horizontal: Approximately 30° | Vertical: Approximately 50°
  • Detection Range: 12 inches to 12 feet
  • 11-15 volts
  • 3.0 Watt sounds input
  • 122°F to -4°F operating temperature
  • Price: $129.99

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