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dB Blocker Convertible (Non-Vented)

dB Blocker Convertible (Non-Vented)

The dB Blocker™ Convertible Non-Vented Offers the same hearing protection as the Classic Non-Vented, but has a removable cord. It is particularly suited for industrial applications where there is high air movement (wind noise) which may cause a whistle in the vent.

Non-Vented dB Blocker™ Convertible hearing protectors (earplugs) were designed for persons who work in and out of noise. They are ideal for executives and supervisors who visit the factory floor infrequently and do not need to communicate while in a noisy workplace.

Using dB Blockers™ will enhance worker compliance with your Hearing Loss Prevention Program, because they can be worn for a complete shift, without the need to remove them to perform tasks, eat lunch, or relieve pressure. Anytime a hearing protector is removed, even for a short period of time, you are exposed to damaging noise. Noise exposure is cumulative.

The dB Blocker™ Convertible Non-Vented provides:

  • “Real World” noise reduction for workers of 25 decibels
  • Less noise induced stress leading to fewer accidents and less absenteeism
  • A design that allows for easy insertion and removal

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