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American Messaging Services, LLC

American Messaging Services, LLC

1720 Lakepointe Drive
Suite 100
Lewisville, TX 75057


American Messaging Services, LLC and its subsidiaries provide critical messaging services throughout the United States. Using proprietary and third party wireless messaging networks together with its suite of secure mobile and desktop applications the Company simultaneously delivers critical messages to pagers, smart phones, tablets and personal computers.



For mission critical messages the name of the game is back-up and redundancy. That is why American Messaging offers PageCopy™.

PageCopy™ takes all your incoming pages and duplicates them to an unlimited number of addresses of your choice, such as cellular text messages or email. Now you can never miss a message again for less than you spend on a cup of coffee per month.

*PageCopy™ is not intrusive and messages will appear amongst all other text messages and emails. Text messaging and email are neither secure or encrypted. If your job requires this functionality, please refer to the IntelliMessage® applications page.

The Cue

The CUE®, an advanced dual frequency pager that lets you receive both encrypted and unencrypted messages from your in-house or Critical Messaging System as well as wide area networks, negating the need for staff to carry two different paging devices. The CUE® is the cornerstone of your Critical Messaging System.

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