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Speaksee (patented) is the first microphone system able to transcribe up to 9 persons accurately.

Speaksee shows you in a different color per person what's being said so that you can easily see who says what.

Beam forming microphones ensure high accuracy also when there is background noise.

Speaksee shows what's being said in different colors for each person, In less than a second. Each speaker can have their own name corresponding with the microphone they are wearing. This way the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing person can distinguish who says what.


Speaksee Microphone Kit

Speaksee captures the speech in conversations and transcribes it into text on a smartphone, in real time. This way people with hearing loss can read what's being said. 

Speaksee uses an array of sensors, the microphone intelligently isolates and captures speech from the user and rejects noise from other sources. The system supports up to 9 microphones at a time. 

Receives wireless audio signals from the microphones; processes conversational dynamics and sends audio data to your smart device for transcription. It also stores and charges the microphones.

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