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Curtitions Collapsible Sound Curtains

Curtitions Collapsible Sound Curtains

Curtitions are collapsible sound curtain systems designed to serve as a decorative, collapsible sound barrier curtain divider.   The VL-8 Sound Divider has an sound Transmission Classification (STC) of 40 and is designed for higher noise areas. Four layers of sound attenuation materials form sound blankets on each side of the steel frame. Each collapsible curtain is a full three layers of special composition vinyl with 1/2" of fiberglass. The outer covering (carpet, fabric or vinyl) is added to provide 10 full layers of sound deadening material plus a dead-air space in the center of the frame. Outer covering seams for these accordion style curtains are located in the most recessed spot on the hinge to be as unobtrusive as possible.

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