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Comply Foam Plugs for Musicians

Comply™ Foam Plugs are designed for music: practice, performance, and attending shows. With NRR 15 noise protection, these foam ear plugs for musicians will help prevent hearing damage and tinnitus with minimal distortion of sound. With these ear plugs in, you'll still be able to hear what's going on around you, including detailed music and voices.

What makes Comply™ Foam Plugs different is that these are foam-tipped musician's ear plugs. Most ear plugs for music are made of silicone and have a multi-flange fitting system. These are different. Comply Foam Plugs have super-soft memory foam tips, which some users may find are more comfortable than the silicone alternatives, which don't always breathe as well as foam.

Perfect-Fit CMP Model Custom Musician Ear Plugs

Perfect-Fit™ CMP Model Custom Musician Ear Plugs, featuring acoustic filters from Etymotic Research are one of the finest hearing protection products currently available for the professional musician or for anyone needing to be able to hear clearly but at a reduced volume. The ER-9, ER-15, or ER-25 filters are embedded in custom ear molds for a natural sound plug with a perfect fit, and because the filters are interchangeable, you can choose from three different levels of sound reduction to get just the sound reduction you need to listen comfortably while still maintaining your peak performance. ER series plugs and filters are not just for musicians. Dentists and dental assistants, factory supervisors, lab and computer technicians, pilots, and many others who must be able to hear clearly to do their jobs properly can find great relief via these natural sound acoustic filters. The high fidelity, flat response of the ER series filters means that they turn down the volume without distorting the quality of the sound you hear. With the ER 9, ER 15 and ER 25 filters, you can better understand conversations in noisy places, reduce your noise-induced fatigue, and protect your hearing -- all while still hearing clearly enough to carry on a conversation!

Professional Lab Custom Molded Musicians Ear Plugs

We offer the widest variety of custom musicians earplugs of any other source. These custom molded musician ear plugs require you to mail us impressions of your ears. Ear Plug Superstore has pioneered the process of do-it-yourself ear impressions. Now you can make your own impressions right at home using our do-it-yourself impression kit or visit a local audiologist to get your impressions made, then get your perfectly fitted custom musicians ear plugs shipped to your door.

Custom musicians ear plugs are not just for musicians. If you suffer from hypersensitive hearing (hyperacusis) or you live in a very noisy environment, custom molded musicians earplugs offer an excellent solution. The earplugs are comfortable enough to wear all day and they do not interfere with your ability to understand voices or to enjoy the full range of sound from the music you hear. They just let you turn down the volume of the world around you.

Thunderplugs Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Thunderplugs ear plugs are designed for music festivals and concerts, by serious music lovers who know all-too-well what can happen without proper protection from hazardously loud noise. Dance music and live music can take their toll. By age 15, Amsterdam musician Quinten Huigen had already developed permanent tinnitus thanks to years of enjoying loud, live music without hearing protection. Along with Koen Brouwer, Huigen created Safe Ears Thunderplugs to prevent others from meeting the same fate.

Thunderplugs filter out enough sound to make live music (and other loud music events) safe enough to prevent hearing damage, but without enough noise blocking to distort the sound. By using Thunderplugs at concerts, during band practice, and at music festivals, you can prevent the hearing damage that could lead to the persistent tinnitus Huigen and millions of others must deal with on a daily basis. Noise-induced hearing damage is, unfortunately, permanent.

Today, the Thunderplugs design is both cool and functional. The triple flange design forms a good acoustic seal in your ears. A simple push-in motion is all it takes to get these ear plugs seated properly in your ear canals. The small finger tab on each ear plug enables quick and easy removal, an innovative improvement that contributed to Thunderplugs winning the 2013 Netherlands Student Entrepreneur Award. An aluminum carry case is also included, and this rugged key chain case is the perfect way to store your Thunderplugs in between shows or on the way to practice.

Westone Style ES49 Custom Musicians Ear Plugs With ER Filters

Westone Style ES49 custom musicians ear plugs have been the first choice of performing musicians around the world for decades. The Etymotic Research acoustic filters installed in your Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs let you protect your hearing, but without distortion, so you can still enjoy the music and clearly understand the words you hear.


Over the years Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs have grown in popularity with concert attendees, music teachers, DJs, flight attendants, bartenders, waitresses, dentists, dental workers, and many others who need to be able to clearly hear but still must have noise protection. Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs are canal-only ear plugs that are virtually unnoticeable in your ears. The acoustic filters are user-changeable and one set of filters is included with your purchase of the Westone Style ES49 musicians ear plugs. The filters come in three attenuation levels: 9, 15, or 25 dB filters. For most performing musicians and most general noise users, we recommend the 15 dB filters. For vocalists, we recommend the ER-9 filters. Drummers and heavy industry workers will especially benefit from the ER-25 filters.

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