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Perfect-Fit CMP Model Custom Musician Ear Plugs

Perfect-Fit CMP Model Custom Musician Ear Plugs

Perfect-Fit™ CMP Model Custom Musician Ear Plugs, featuring acoustic filters from Etymotic Research are one of the finest hearing protection products currently available for the professional musician or for anyone needing to be able to hear clearly but at a reduced volume. The ER-9, ER-15, or ER-25 filters are embedded in custom ear molds for a natural sound plug with a perfect fit, and because the filters are interchangeable, you can choose from three different levels of sound reduction to get just the sound reduction you need to listen comfortably while still maintaining your peak performance. ER series plugs and filters are not just for musicians. Dentists and dental assistants, factory supervisors, lab and computer technicians, pilots, and many others who must be able to hear clearly to do their jobs properly can find great relief via these natural sound acoustic filters. The high fidelity, flat response of the ER series filters means that they turn down the volume without distorting the quality of the sound you hear. With the ER 9, ER 15 and ER 25 filters, you can better understand conversations in noisy places, reduce your noise-induced fatigue, and protect your hearing -- all while still hearing clearly enough to carry on a conversation!

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