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With the vision, passion and commitment you would expect from a “serial” entrepreneurial family; this privately held, family run, certified women-owned company creatively, stylishly, and economically meets the needs of people with hearing loss and has been for over 30 years. Starting first in distribution, and then branching into manufacturing, ClearSounds is leading the way, designing, developing and manufacturing award-winning products that change people’s lives.



Clearsounds A1600BT Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth Bundle

Why incorporate Bluetooth in a landline phone? Flexibility & freedom. The A1600 Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth now allows individuals who depend on their mobile phones as their basic communication device, to benefit from the full range of amplification and frequency control, as well as comfort and features that ClearSounds amplified phones have to offer.

  • ClearDigital Power™ Delivers Maximum Clarity & Background Noise Suppression
    50 dB amplification with full range tone control
  • Full duplex speakerphone in handset and base
  • 95 dB adjustable base ringer and 85 dB adjustable handset ringer
  • Bright visual ringer on base and handset

Bluetooth Features

  • Bluetooth connection
  • Hybrid technology allows you to choose either your cellular line or your landline for calls
  • Variable ring tones allow you to distinguish between an incoming cellular call and incoming landline call
  • For cellular calls, switch between the DECT handset and your cell phone
  • Simultaneously converse on a landline call and a cell phone call using the handset and base
  • Main Base (A1600BT) Talking Features
    Talking Caller ID – speaks name and number of caller (If you have entered a number into the phonebook and have recorded a voice entry, this recording will be announced)
  • Talking Phonebook – record a name for each phonebook entry
  • Talking Review – when reviewing the Caller ID list, phonebook, or redial list, the information will be spoken

Base & Handset Talking Feature

  • Talking Keypad – number verification for pre-dialing (speaks back through speakerphone) – base and handset
  • Digital Answering System
  • Playback through handset or base
  • Amplified up to 50 dB through handset
  • 15 minutes of digital recording time
  • Call Screening/Intercept – allows you to listen to incoming callers leaving a message without answering the call.
  • Remote Access
  • Time/Day Stamp
  • Message playback speed – standard/slower

Extra Features

  • Name/Number Caller ID* (main base stores 20 calls and handset stores 40 calls)
  • 8 one-touch photo memory dial buttons in base
  • 1 one-touch SOS emergency key in handset
  • 4 one-touch memory dial buttons in handset
  • Phonebook directory to easily store and dial frequently called numbers (30 in base and 50 in handset)
  • Jack for optional vibrating pad in base offers silent ring signaling (for best results, use a ClearSounds shaker accessory)
  • 6-level ringer volume control and 10 adjustable ring tones
    Vibrating handset ringer
  • Base supports 4 languages: English, French, German & Spanish
    Handset supports 7 languages: Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish
  • 2.5mm headset jack & 3.5mm neckloop jack (neckloop jack in base only)
  • Big button easy-to-read backlit keypad
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Size: Base: 3.75x4x2.25 Handset: 7.25×2.5×1

ClearSounds A600E DECT 6.0 Expandable Handset

Designed specifically to work with our A600 Amplified Cordless Phone. If you have the A600, now is your chance to expand the system for less money than you might spend for lunch.  The great news is it also works with our New A700 Amplified Cordless Phone.


ClearSounds A700 DECT 6.0 Amplified Cordless Phone with Answering Machine

Stylish. Simple. Powerful. The new ClearSounds A700 Amplified Cordless Phone with a Amplified Digital Answering Machine provides all the features you need without all the stuff you don’t

ClearSounds M22 Professional Office Neckloop System

For people with hearing loss and who have t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the Professional Office Neckloop System™ provides unparalleled sound management capabilities.

For binaural device users, the ability to hear thru both ears can improve speech discrimination by up to 80%.

For people with hearing loss that do not have t-coil equipped hearing aids or cochlear processors, the popular M22 Headset Base provides powerful amplification and tone control capabilities for use with existing handsets. A single system can be used by people with and with out t-coil equipped hearing devices.

The noise cancelling microphone used in the CLA7v2 minimizes ambient noise and maximizes the ability of the person on the other side of the call to hear you as clearly as possible.

The System is great for improving employment opportunities for people with hearing loss. With the wide-spread use of digital telephone systems and now VOIP systems, office telephone communications has been a significant problem for people with a hearing loss. The ClearSounds Professional Amplified Office Neckloop System™ provides the ability for accommodating most hearing loss requirements and enhancing communication capabilities.

Portable Phone Amplifier (White) WIL95

 The ClearSounds WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier, designed to uphold our vow to provide our customers with ongoing options, guarantees high quality amplified phone conversations wherever you go!

With a super simple connection in seconds, you’re set to receive UltraClear sound clarifying technology with adjustable amplification up to 40 dB and separate tone controls. The WIL95 Portable Telephone Amplifier provides your corded phone with more flexibility than any other on the market! It is powered by an AC adapter (included) which makes it ideal for digital phones that constantly draw power from accessories attached to them.

Quattro Connect360 Amplified Bluetooth Neckloop System

The core of the Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System is the Quattro 4.0 LITE Adaptive Bluetooth Neckloop with A2DP. The System accessories provide connectivity and usability options for nearly all communications needs while at home, in the office or on the go. Adding a comprehensive range of adapters and accessories to use with the Quattro 4.0 LITE Neckloop amplifies the value of the core product and greatly extends the usability and productivity of the ClearSounds Quattro line of products.

ClearSounds’ new Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System will turn your hearing aids into high-performance wireless receivers anywhere you go so you can:

-Talk on your mobile phone, hands-free, and hear what’s being said crystal-clearly.

-Answer any of your phones with one touch and use convenient voice dial (if supported by your mobile phone).

-Listen to almost any electronic device wirelessly, directly through your hearing aids—TV, iPods, MP3 players, CD players, radios, Sound Wizards, Pocketalkers and more.

It’s not just about convenience, though. The Quattro Connect360 Amplified Neckloop System actually significantly improves the sound you hear from your phones and electronic devices. And because the Connect360 System is portable, that means 24/7, 360 degrees around you you’ll hear the voices and entertainment you want to hear, with none of the background noise, feedback or sound distortion you don’t.

Bluetooth manual states that it can be used to make VOIP calls via Skype.

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