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Inclusive Communication Services, Inc.

Inclusive Communication Services, Inc.

2071 Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. Blvd. #2
New York City, NY 10027


:  Inclusive Communication Services is a woman-owned, communication accommodations agency founded and ran by New York City sign language interpreters. Recognizing how large agencies overlook the individual backgrounds and budget constraints of everyday people, ICS emerged as a community resource to ensure everyone remains included. We work with your organization to develop a sustainable financial solution to ensure you never turn a participant away. Since 2016, ICS has been the most affordable ASL interpreting and caption transcription agency in NYC and continues to give back to the Deaf community through donations to the Arts, non-profits, and underfunded schools for the Deaf. Committed to ethical, individualized, and inclusive interpreting practices, ICS is prepared to omit the anxiety of language and cultural boundaries to make every interaction, meeting, or presentation as distinct as you do. ICS is leading the movement for amplified inclusion and equality in the NYC area; join us and experience the inclusive difference! 


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