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RE-Vibe uses gentle vibrations to bring wandering minds back on task, fostering independence and confidence in the classroom.

  • RE-vibe is a new vibration reminder wristband designed to help students ages 6+ who struggle with on-task behavior. RE-vibe encourages students to spend more time engaged in learning, reducing the need for parent and teacher interventions.

    RE-vibe’s proprietary algorithm empowers students by sending quiet vibrations at strategic intervals to remind them to check and correct their own off-task behaviors.

  • Distraction-free design: no screens, buttons or sounds
  • Gentle, strategically timed vibrations remind students to ask themselves, “Am I doing what I am supposed to be doing?”
  • Proprietary algorithm tells RE-vibe when to vibrate and how it should feel for various types of users; it also changes key variables to minimize the chance a user will get used to the reminders over time.
  • Whisper-quiet vibrations provide a discreet reminder without attracting the attention of nearby peers.
  • Created by a School Psychologist
  • Used in thousands of schools in all 50 states!

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