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dB Blocker Classic (Vented)

dB Blocker Classic (Vented)

The dB Blocker™ Classic Vented offers the greatest protection where communication is required. It is custom fit to the individual wearer for maximum comfort using Skinsoft™ medical silicone. It is particularly suited for industrial applications where communication between individuals is necessary.

dB Blocker™ Classic is a hearing protector that is actually comfortable to wear. Most hearing damage arises when an ear plug is removed for conversation and comfort. Classic dB Blockers™ are made to fit the individual’s ear exactly and stay in place without applying pressure to the ear, so comfort is not an issue. This gives the worker a product that provides effective hearing protection and stays in the ear all day long.

dB Blocker™ Classic Vented hearing protectors (earplugs) contain a proprietary frequency-tuned filter that enhances interpersonal communication. In fact, people can communicate in noise better while wearing their dB Blockers™ than if they were to remove them. They can also be integrated with radio communication devices.

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