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Brossard Safety and Security Mirrors

Brossard Safety and Security Mirrors

930 Dieckman Street
Woodstock, IL 60098


Safety And Security Mirrors

SafetySecurity, and Supervision are among the most important of your management objectives.  But how do you achieve significant advances in these areas without a large investment in machines, material or manpower?  Why risk a traffic accident because of obstructed vision at your corner locations?  Do it with MIRRORS!

Our safety and security mirrors are one of the simplest and cost-effective ways to help prevent accidents in the workplace, warehouse and grounds from unauthorized entry and injuries at blind corners and intersections with vehicular traffic.

The use of Brossard KLEAR-VU® Convex Safety Mirrors and ALL-VU® Dome Mirrors can provide tremendous benefits around the workplace in addition to help insure that you are meeting OSHA requirements for eliminating “recognized hazards” in the workplace.

Brossard Mirrors serve as a deterrent to thieves and provide help in lowering insurance rates and improving work flow.

Increase visibility and improve the safety, security and supervision in your operations, there’s a Brossard Mirror to meet your needs at a cost that is nominal compared to the benefits.

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