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Clarity Alertmaster AL10 Visual Alert System

Clarity Alertmaster AL10 Visual Alert System

The Clarity AlertMaster AL10  Visual Alert System monitors the telephone, doorbell, various sounds, and motion within its environment. It features an alarm clock, large 3.5" display, security light control, lamp flasher and vibrating alert. It is an ideal solution for the deaf, hard of hearing, or anyone in a noisy environment. It is easy to use and easy to see because of the simplified design, hassle-free installation and large backlit icons.

Stay Connected with others as the AL10 visually alerts you of visitors to your home, telephone calls, activity of babies and young children, and alarm clock functions.

  • Sensors monitor the door bell and knocks on the door to alert you of visitors
  • Alarm clock with snooze and vibrating alert features to wake the deepest of sleepers
  • Monitors the specific sounds made by babies or young children
  • Stay Secure and aware of your surroundings with the audio alarm monitor, motion detector, and security light controls.
  • The audio alarm monitor will notify you of any loud and unusual sounds
  • The motion detector will monitor a large area and notify you of any unexpected movement
  • The security light control can be set to turn on or off lighting around the home at selected times
  • Easy to Use and easy to see because of the simplified design, hassle-free installation, and large backlit alert icons.
  • Various accessories allow you to customize the system for your specific household or lifestyle needs
  • Large, brightly lit icons and lights are sized and positioned for optimum visibility from all sides
  • Simple set up - no hardwiring required, just plug it in
  • Flashes a connected lamp with a built in lamp flasher for added notification
  • A powerful vibrating alert shakes your bed or pillow to alert you when asleep
  • Distinct flashing patterns and backlit icons on unit help you distinguish between events
  • Large, lit button to easily turn nearby lighting On or Off
  • Large 3.5" clock display (measured diagonal)
  • Compatible with existing/previous AlertMaster base units and accessories
  • Superior Technology. Dedication to innovation provides effective solutions to better fit into your lifestyle.
  • Adjustable display brightness
  • Expand the AlertMaster system to accommodate larger buildings or multiple locations using one or more AMRX2 remote receivers (optional)
  • Dual Power Backup keeps the system running when the power is out

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