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Active Forever, LLC

Active Forever, LLC

9299 W. Olive Avenue
Suite 604
Peoria, AZ 85345


ActiveForever is a fully integrated sales, marketing, warehousing and fulfillment services agency. It is a multi-channel merchant with print product catalogs for staff and patient education, retail showroom with education center, a warehouse/distribution services organization, and one of the nation’s top ranked eCommerce websites.

ActiveForever offers the best choices in medical products, e-low vision devices/assistive technology, athletic performance and rehabilitation/healing devices, home-care equipment, travel, productivity, OSHA safety products, mobility equipment, patient transfer systems, FAA approved oxygen therapy and much more!


Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls

Designed by a physically challenged driver, the Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls are versatile and user friendly, and can be used on over 90 percent of vehicles. For ensured safety they are SAE tested and approved, and are conveniently compact and lightweight for easy storage during travel. Enjoy the freedom of the open road when you buy the Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls from today! Peddle Master Portable Vehicle Hand Controls Features: Portable, durable and lightweight No installation required, simply clamp on and go Attach and remove from the driver's seat No high cost of permanent installation Compact design Great for use when traveling

Ableware Inflatable Crescent Shaped Shampoo Basin

The Ableware Inflatable Crescent-Shaped Shampoo Basin is sized and shaped like a pillow and fits into the space on a bed that is normally occupied by a pillow.

Afikim SE Scooter

Turns on a Dime and Rides Smoothly Over All terrain! The big, rugged tires and adjustable suspension can handle uneven terrain so you can enjoy scenic outdoor trips. Highly manueverable, these 3 wheel scooters have a tight 39" turning radius and fit through standard doorways, making them perfect for indoor/outdoor use. Get the freedom to ride in style anywhere. Buy the Afikim SE Scooter from today! Afikim SE Electric Scooter Features: Large pneumatic tires handle all types of terrain Stable wheelbase for stability 39" turning radius Optional 33" wide seat comfortably fits two people Rotating seat, flip-up arms for easy access Bariatric scooters support up to 500 lbs Afikim SE Electric Scooter Specifications: Max. Weight Capacity: 500 lbs Top Speed: 9.30 MPH Heaviest Piece: 200 lbs. Battery Charge (Range): 30.00 Miles Seat Widths: 18" (single); 33" (wide) Turning Radius: 39" Weight: 297 lbs Overall

Amigo Portable Video Magnifier

The Amigo Portable Video Magnifier is a lightweight and portable hand held magnification device that is convenient and easy to use. With a large LCD screen that is adjustable in size, contrast and brightness, users are able to easily view price tags, menus, medication labels and many more, no matter where they are. With a magnification up to 14 times regular size, the Amigo Portable Magnifier is great for use at home or while traveling as the removable 2-hour battery includes an internal charger. This full featured portable magnifier allows users to feel confident while on the go; buy the Amigo Portable Video Magnifier today from ActiveForever!

  • Anti-glare LCD screen
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Crisp, high-definition image
  • Freeze frame with adjustable size and contrast
  • 6 viewing modes, optimize contrast and brightness
  • Connects with any TV for increased magnification
  • Writing stand and carrying case included

Cane or Crutch Holder

Spring-loaded clip attaches to 3/8-1 diameter cane shaft. Allows cane to be supported on any table or desk. Foam disk on either side creates enough friction to hold cane in place. Made of molded hard plastic.

Carson MagniVisor Deluxe

The Carson MagniVisor Deluxe is a innovative hands-free headband magnifier visor designed to provide unbeatable convenience and visual clarity. Featuring 4 removable flip-up magnification lenses and a built-in LED lighted lamp, the Carson MagniVisor Deluxe is perfect for all kinds of hobbies and craft works.

The adjustable fit headband and super lightweight construction provides unbeatable comfort, even during extended uses. The LED lighted lamp is also angle adjustable and the flip up lenses makes quick work of any project. The 4 different interchangeable lenses provide 1x, 1.5x, 2x and 2.5x magnification, and deliver optimal clarity. Order yours today from!

MagniVisor Deluxe Features:

  • Adjustable fit headband
  • An ideal low vision aid for all your fine detail work
  • 4 interchangeable magnification lenses
  • LED lamp is removable and angle adjustable
  • Lightweight construction is comfortable, almost goes unnoticed
  • Hands-free design for ultimate convenience

Carson MagniVisor Deluxe Headset Specifications:

  • Lenses: 1x, 1.5x, 2x, and 2.5x
  • Dimensions: 9.8" L x 7.5" W x 3.5" H

Donegan OptiVisor Headband Magnifier

Comfortable to wear, the Donegan OptiVisor leaves both hands free and allows three dimensional vision. The Donegan OptiVisor Headband Magnifier is used by anyone with low vision whose profession or craft requires close accurate work. With the Donegan OptiVisor, those with low vision can enjoy a simple, easy to use solution to their magnification needs. Adjustable pivots on the headband allow the OptiVisor to be tilted out of the way when needed, but leave it right at your fingertips when you need it again. The high impact Donegan OptiVisor is tough and durable, with a lasting new appearance. The Donegan OptiVisor headband can be adjusted to fit virtually any head size and is lined with orthopedic felt for added comfort. You can also wear the Donegan OptiVisor Magnifier over prescription glasses.

  • High quality optical lenses in interchangeable plastic frame
  • Conveniently tilts up out of the way when not in use
  • Lightweight, adjustable headband to fit all head sizes
  • High impact design provides a tough, durable, always new appearance
  • Genuine leather comfort band padded with orthopedic felt
  • Can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses
  • Ideal for crafts, hobbies and fine detail work

FORA D20 Talking Blood Glucose and Pressure Monitor

FORA D20 Talking Blood Glucose and Pressure Monitor The FORA D20 Talking Blood Glucose and Pressure Monitor is an advanced device, combining the features of both a cuff-worn blood pressure monitor and a talking blood glucose meter into one convenient and portable package. This comprehensive monitoring system is the perfect tool for the health minded diabetic, allowing for concise and trackable health results right at the touch of a button. The FORA D20 provides exactly what you need to ensure quality, reliable health monitoring. The inflating blood pressure cuff is easy to use and comfortable, requiring nothing more than a press of a button to provide systolic, diastolic and heart rate readings. The talking glucose meter requires a blood sample less than half the size of standard diabetes testing equipment and the built in memory holds up to 450 readings, allowing for easy tracking and averaging of results.

Healthsmart Premium Talking Automatic Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

This automatic digital blood pressure monitor is built with SmartRead PLUS Technology and a World Health Organization (WHO) indicator. The WHO indicator lights are set to the standards of the World Health Organization. When the unit reads your blood pressure, an indicator light comes on; Green is normal, yellow above normal, and red means you should see your doctor. The large display shows simultaneous display of systolic, diastolic, pulse readings, and date and time stamp. Irregular Heartbeat Detection lets the user know if an abnormal reading has occurred. Memory bank stores up to 120 readings, and averages the last 3 readings. Fully automated with one button operation, the HEALTHSMART Premium Talking Automatic Arm Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is easy to use.

Luggie Mobility Scooter

Compact and Portable Mobility! The Luggie conveniently folds in half for storage and can be wheeled around while folded for easier transport. For added safety, the Luggie Scooter features large, durable tires as well as anti-tippers on the rear wheels to prevent accidents. A convenient off-board quick charger allows users to fully charge the Luggie Scooter's heavy-duty lithium polymer battery pack in just 5 hours, allowing you to get the most out of your Luggie every trip. A full charge can take the Luggie travel scooter up to 11 miles in range at 4.5 mph! Feather-touch disassembly allows users to easily convert their Luggie into travel mode with just one hand, and the tiller doubles as a handle for easy portability. The Luggie Power Scooter is ideal for use at home, while shopping or on the go and can be used indoors or out.

Norco NC26600 Molded Sock Aid

The Molded Sock Aid is ideal for those who have difficulty leaning down to put on socks or stockings; with the Molded Sock Aid you can complete this task with ease

OXO Good Grips Button Hook

OXO The cushioned grip of the Good Grips Button Hook makes buttoning clothes easy. The built-up handle features flexible ribbing that adapts to any grip.

Plextalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1

The PlexTalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1 is the world's first true crossover media player with a host of applications, and comes packed with features that support unsurpassed accessibility for people with sight problems or learning difficulties.

Designed for use by individuals in business and education fields, this lightweight, pocket-sized, DAISY-compliant music, voice, and book player/recorder offers revolutionary mobility and ease of use! With a more useful recording feature than IC recorders, The PlexTalk Pocket DAISY Player PTP1 is much more than just a music player. It features a high quality built-in microphone for easy DAISY structured voice recording, and voice memo recording capability to help you remember telephone numbers, appointments, To Do lists, etc. An additional built-in large speaker lets you playback voice recordings, voice memos, DAISY audio books, text-based DAISY books and MP3's. Playback can be accessed from the External USB Drive, as well as using the Embedded Text-To-Speech Engine.

Sport EZ Talking Watch

The Sport EZ Talking Watch is a stylish watch with analog and digital face. The talking watch is water-resistant which means it can withstand incidental contact with water.

Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn

This extra-long shoehorn is perfect for people with physical limitations, limited mobility or difficulty bending. The smooth polished steel surface prevents feet from sticking to the shoehorn, ensuring a smooth action each and every time. Built to last from heavy duty stainless steel, you'll never need to buy another shoehorn. With a handy rubber coated handle, this shoehorn is easy to grasp and helps keep the shoehorn from slipping out of your hand. Truly a necessity for anyone suffering from physical ailments, buy your Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn today from! Stainless Steel Long Handle Shoe Horn Features: Rubberized handle for non-slip grip Available in three lengths to fit various heights Extra-long handle prevents straining and pain

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