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The new Lightwriter SL50 has taken the best of the previous models and added to the same form factor as the SL40 but with improved operating system and lighter weight.

It is designed to be the ideal dedicated text-to-speech device for literate users who are unable to communicate effectively through speech and who want a device focussed on face-to-face communication.

Every part of the Lightwriter SL50 has been designed specifically for purpose. From the dual screens and loud clear speakers, to the user interface and word prediction - everything is focused on delivering your speech as effectively as possible. So, no more compromises, no more distractions, just clear, fast effective communication at the press of a button. Just start typing and off you go.

  • The SL50 is designed to be efficient an is always ready to talk - just type and you're ready to go! The menu is simple, no distracting apps or screen loading times.
  • The SL50 is designed for natural communication with dual screens for face-to-face communication, and due to its compact footprint it can be used easily on the go, or sitting for a conversation.
  • Small, portable, lightweight and robust - the SL50 is built to withstand bumps and knocks of everyday life, so you can take it anywhere.
  • Easily adjusted keyguards, keyboard layouts and settings to customise for access and also including scanning. 
  • Check out the User Manuals under the Support Tab for all the details.

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