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Deaf - One Ear

Individuals who are deaf in one ear can do many workplace tasks without accommodation.  However, difficulties may arise when an employee needs to listen to a sound source such as a telephone with one ear while also attending to sounds around them, such as alarms, customer service bells, vehicle and equipment sounds, people approaching from behind, and coworkers or customers who are trying to get the employees attention of communicate with them.


Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing may benefit from the use of Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) services during small and large group communication situations when verbatim conversation is essential to effective communication. CART is a process of converting speech into text through a third party (CART writer). A trained CART writer or stenographer uses a keyboard or stenographic machine to transcribe spoken speech into written text which is then transmitted onto a viewing device (e.g., computer monitor, video screen). Many captioning services offer remote CART and internet captioning where the CART writer is not physically present at the event but can listen-in through a telephone line.