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Sonork Technology

Sonork Technology

1265 Drummers Lane
Suite 120
Wayne, PA 19807


Sonork is the leading provider of Enterprise Instant Messaging and Collaborative Information Management solutions. Our unique Sonork EIM application platform enables rapid deployment of custom enterprise-grade instant messaging and collaborative information access services within distributed network environments. Our Sonork-powered products enable companies to create new areas of revenue, reduce costs and improve workflow by leveraging an evolved implementation of a proven technology currently being used by nearly 600 million people worldwide.


Sonork EIM Platform

Sonork EIM is a turn-key solution designed specifically for the enterprise. It enables businesses to create and control their own secure instant messaging and collaboration information management network running on an Intranet (LAN) or so-called Virtual Private Network (VPN) environment. The feature-rich product is easy to deploy and built on the stable deployment-tested Sonork protocol and application core. It offers a robust extensible design and easy integration with existing systems.

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