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Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services

Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services

4730 S. Fort Apache Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89147


Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services is led by interpreters. They are a service disabled veteran owned small business that takes pride in being exceptional. Their quality assurance is what allows them to stand out. They do not believe in a plug-n-play model of booking interpreters, They don’t follow a first reply first booked approach to hiring interpreters. Instead, they believe customer preference is key to a successful interpretation and will work to secure your preferred interpreter. They interview, screen and vet every interpreter on our roster. They work with interpreters to understand what types of requests fit their skills and allow them to do their best work. They play to their strengths while offering workshops to assist in developing added proficiency in areas they would like to develop. They find the best fit for the job.

Additionally, they have unparalleled coordination and scheduling systems that allow for you to request an interpreter 24/7, see a history of your requests, and make direct comments to them. Along with their in-person provision they offer remote interpreting that follows the strictest of standards and is HIPPA compliant. They also offer training to you – at no cost, on how to effectively use interpreters.


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