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Signtel Inc.

Signtel Inc.

79 Bayard Ave.
North Haven, CT 06473


At Signtel Inc. our mission is to create and bring to market innovative assistive technology and assistive devices that better serve the deaf, hard of hearing, deaf blind, visually impaired and deaf low vision communities.


ASL Emergency Alert System

Emergency Alert Systems previously only available to hearing people in voice are now available in Sign Language for people who are deaf or hearing impaired. The Sign Language Public Address and Emergency Alert System is now in Beta and available nationwide. This patent pending product is of major importance. With terrorism and homeland security becoming an increasing subject of concern, it is important to ascertain that deaf individuals can be warned, informed, guided and directed by public addressing and emergency alert systems like their hearing counterparts.

Signtel Interpreter

The Signtel Interpreter System Provides: Translates Speech* & Text to Sign Language *VR version only Correctly signs various numbering systems including money, time, dates, phone, decimals, codes Accurate differentiation of multiple meaning words Text-to-speech translations Synchronizes computer audio with Signing

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