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Telephone Clarity

Telephone amplification can be of benefit to some individuals who are hard of hearing. For many people with hearing loss, the ability to hear high frequency sounds is severly compromised. Telephones (and amplifiers) with Clarity technology not only amplify sounds, but also make sounds clearer and easier to understand. Clarity technology helps people understand the difference between high frequency sounds like "ch" and "st", making conversation much easier for people with hearing loss.

Amplification can be achieved through many assistive technology solutions, such as an in-line amplifier, portable amplifier, amplified phone, personal amplifier (assistive listening device), t-coil compatible headset, or clarity amplifier. Choosing the right amplification solution may take some time. Individuals are encouraged to try various assistive technology solutions until the right product is identified. Many vendors and manufacturers offer money back guarantees on the products they sell. Contact the vendor for more information regarding return policies.

It may be helpful to contact the State Assistive Technology (AT) Project for assistance in selecting an amplification product. State Assistive Technology Projects are funded under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-394). These projects can provide technical assistance on assistive technology, consultation, product demonstrations, equipment borrowing, and low-interest loans for individuals with disabilities.