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Big Button Caller ID Phone

Big Button Caller ID Phone

Big Button Caller ID Phone has a two-way speakerphone with 40DB handset. Bold black numbers on large white buttons are easy to see! Programming this phone is a simple process-- just slide the normal/one touch switch to normal position and enter the phone number you wish to store including area code if needed. Press and hold for the memory key for 5 seconds and press the key (0-9) you wish to store that number in. Phone has a preprogrammed 911 memory key, 2 one-touch memory keys and ten 2 touch memory keys for programming your most frequently dialed telephone numbers-- will remember the last number dialed. Just press redial as many times as needed. Date and clock setting and big digit LCD display with brightness setting. This phone is hearing aid compatible, wall mountable, and perfect for those with low vision and for seniors. Phone measures 7.50"l x 6.50"w. Includes coil cord (stretches to about 52") and comes with a 58" long line cord. Powered by phone jack-- no batteries or AC adaptor required. RJ11C plug goes into any home or office phone jack. User manual included.

  • Large easy to see buttons, speakerphone, caller ID and one touch dialing
  • LCD display, dialing keypad, 911 key and memory keys
  • Flash key, redial/pause key, ringer light
  • Hook switch, slide speaker, volume switch, ringer on/off switch, one touch/normal switch
  • Hearing aid compatible and wall mountable

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